Oolichan Books

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Neighbours by W. H. New
November's Radio by Steve Noyes
Leaving Howe Island by Sadiqa de Meijer
A Grain of Rice by Evelyn Lau
Winter’s Skin by Tom Wayman
Raven's Children by Yves Troendle
Expecting Rain by Stephen Scobie
Renovating Heaven by Andreas Schroeder
Water Stair by John Pass
Night Room by W. H. New
A Plot of Light by Susan McCaslin
The Aviary by Miranda Pearson
The Elders' Place: Iniqnirit Qalgiat by Natasha Thorpe and Margo Button
Here in Hope: A Natural History by J.M. Bridgeman and Andrea Lebowitz
Mars is For Poems by Aaron Bushkowsky
Woman at Mile Zero by Linda Rogers
Under Glass by Grant Buday
White Buick by Greg Hollingshead
Stone Rain by W. H. New
Along a Snake Fence Riding by Douglas Barbour
A Song for My Daughter by Patricia Jean Smith
Crackpot by Rachel Wyatt
green girl dreams Mountains by Marilyn Dumont
The Incorrection by George McWhirter
Laterna Magika by Ven Begamudré
Van de Graff Days by Ven Begamudré
Shahnaz : A Novel by Hiro Mcllwraith
Science Lessons by W. H. New
Visible Light by Carol Windley
Furry Creek by Keith Harrison
A Planet of Eccentrics by Ven Begamudré
Theology of Swallows by David Manicom
Dancewater Blues by Jay Connolly
Deep Cove Stories by Bill Gaston
Singing Rib by Linda Rogers
The Venetian by Grant Buday
Excerpts from the Real World by Robert Kroetsch
Names of God by Tim Lilburn
Expecting Rain by Stephen Scobie and Terry Whalen
A First Class Funeral by Sonia Birch-Jones
An Angel in the Works by Robert Hilles
Opening Day by George Stanley
Ignoring the Bomb by Lionel Kearns
Black Apples by Kevin Roberts
Brides of the Stream by Joe Rosenblatt
The Last Hiding Place by Terrence Heath
Continental Trance by bp Nichol
The Benefactor by George Woodcock
Rainshadow by Stephen Guppy and Ron Smith
The Green Plain by John Newlove
Tracings by Mae Hill Brown
Ghostcatcher by Stephen Guppy
Stonefish and Other Poems by Kevin Roberts
Our Lives by Daphne Marlatt
A Sleep Full of Dreams by Edna Alford
S'ney'mos by Kevin Roberts
Landmarks by Robin Skelton
Journey to the Sun by Yves Troendle
Images on Water by Ken Cathers
YVR by W. H. New