Pedlar Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

These Wings by Kim Fahner
This Real by Concetta Principe and Beth Follett
Faunics by Jack Davis
Gerald Squires by Stan Dragland
Late Style by Barry Dempster
The Lark Ascending by David White
The Holy Nothing by Jessica Hiemstra
Now Comes the Lightning by Sarah Bernstein
Tell: Poems for a Girlhood by Soraya Peerbaye
Strangers & Others by Stan Dragland
Skein of Days by Sonja Greckol
How You Were Born by Kate Cayley
Light by Souvankham Thammavongsa
Air-Proof Green by Maleea Acker
Blood Relatives by Craig Francis Power
Active Pass by Jane Munro
Mouthing the Words by Camilla Gibb
Watermarks by Joanne Page
The Drowned Lands by Stan Dragland
Stormy Weather by Stan Dragland
Killing Things by John Degen
Rocket Science by Julia Gaunce
Mouthing the Words by Andrea Wasylow Sharman and Camilla Gibb
Wild Mouse by Chris Chambers and Derek McCormack
Blood Relatives by Craig Francis Power