Porcupine’s Quill

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Essential Douglas LePan by Douglas LePan and John Barton
Mrs Romanov by Lori Cayer
The Museum of Possibilities by Barbara Sibbald
The Gamekeeper by Michael Harris
The Essential Dorothy Roberts by Dorothy Roberts and Brian Bartlett
The Essential John Reibetanz by John Reibetanz and Jeffrey Donaldson
On Shaving Off His Face by Shane Neilson
Dysphoria by Shane Neilson
Complete Physical by Shane Neilson
Fabulous Fictions & Peculiar Practices by Leon Rooke and Tony Calzetta
Flashing Yellow by Mary Burger
The Understanding by Jane Barker Wright
The Essential Jay Macpherson: Selected by Melissa Dalgleish by Jay Macpherson and Melissa Dalgleish
The Essential D. G. Jones by D. G. Jones and Jim Johnstone
Mexican Journal by P. K. Page and Margaret Steffler
A Serious Call by Don Coles
The Essential Anne Wilkinson by Anne Wilkinson and Ingrid Ruthig
The April Poems by Leon Rooke
Black Cup by Theresa Kishkan
Kaleidoscope by P. K. Page
The Essential Kenneth Leslie by Zachariah Wells
A Suit of Nettles by James Reaney
Carnival by Harold Rhenisch
The Allegra Series by Barbara Lambert
Oxygen by Annabel Lyon
What the Furies Bring by Kenneth Sherman
How Did You Sleep? by Paul Glennon
SLANT Room by Michael Eden Reynolds
I Am Here and Not Not-There by Margaret Avison
A Kind of Perseverance by Margaret Avison
Evidence by Ian Colford
The Essential P.K. Page by P. K. Page, Théa Gray and Arlene Lampert
South of North: Images of Canada by Richard Outram, Anne Corkett, Rosemary Kilbourn and Thoreau MacDonald
Up on the Roof by P. K. Page
Borderline by Bonnie Rozanski
The Essential George Johnston by Monika Lee and Robyn Sarah
Forde Abroad by John Metcalf
The Sound of All Flesh by Barry Webster
So Beautiful by Ramona Dearing
Most Wanted by Vivette J. Kady
Bastardi Puri by Walid Bitar
Hot Poppies by Leon Rooke
Hand Luggage by P. K. Page
Zero Gravity by Sharon English
On Abducting the 'Cello by Wayne Clifford
Crossing the Salt Flats by Christopher Wiseman
How Did You Sleep? by Paul Glennon and Andrew Lesk
Noise by Russell Smith
Popular Anatomy by Keath Fraser
One Last Good Look by Michael Winter
Man and His World by Clark Blaise
The Deep by Mary Swan
Great Expectations by Grant C. Robinson
Welcome to Canada by David Carpenter
Christopher Columbus Answers All Charges by Marc Giacomelli and Yuri Rubinsky
Sailor Girl by Sheree-Lee Olson
Smuggling Donkeys by David Helwig
Niceman Cometh by David Carpenter
Promise of Shelter by Robyn Sarah
Pittsburgh Stories--Selected Stories: 2 by Jerome A. Greene and Barbara Sibbald
Carnival by Rawi Hage
Walking in Paradise by Libby Creelman
On Earth As It Is by Steven Heighton
Driving Me Mad by Elise Levine
The Lusty Man by Terry Griggs
City of Orphans by Patricia Robertson
Coal and Roses by P. K. Page
The Lover's Progress by David Solway
Telling My Love Lies by Keath Fraser
Bad Imaginings by Caroline Adderson
Bambina by Francesca Piredda
The One with the News by Sandra Sabatini
Back Flip by Anne Denoon
A Kind of Fiction by P. K. Page
How Insenstive by Russell Smith
Flight Paths of the Emperor by Steven Heighton
Dove Legend by Richard Outram
Volleys by Sam Solecki, John Metcalf and W. J. Keith
Hiram and Jenny by Richard Outram
Kenji and the Cricket by Adele Wiseman
Rites by Brenda Riches
Atmospheres Apollinaire by Mark Frutkin
Take the Big Picture by James Reaney
Anyone Can See I Love You by Marilyn Bowering
The Revels by Robert Billings
Farewell Tour by Virgil Burnett
Singing Against the Wind by Mathew Zachariah
The Quarter-Pie Window by Marianne Brandis
Double Tuning by Robert Finch
Distances by Robin Skelton and Warren Stevenson
Man in Love by Richard Outram
A Steady Hand by Mike Doyle
The Amorous Unicorn by Florence Vale
The Fighting Parson by C. H. Gervais
A Comedy of Eros by Virgil Burnett
The Black Bird by David Halliday
Skiamachia by Virgil Burnett
Limits by Robin Skelton
Has and Is by Robert Finch
The Hawryliw Process by Robert Allen
Variations & Theme by Robert Finch
Letters of State by Lazar Sarna
Baldoon by James Reaney and C. H. Gervais
Becky Swan's Book by Susan Musgrave
Paracelsus by Brian Henderson
Marzipan Lies by Brian Johnson
Blue Husbands by Don Dickinson
Mystery Stories by David Helwig
Dancing, with Mirrors by George Amabile