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Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Dream Craters by Joe Rosenblatt
Dark Must Yield by Dave Godfrey
The Alchemy of Happiness by Marilyn Bowering
The Allegra Series by Sarah Boak and Barbara Lambert
Clouds Without Heaven by Mary Cameron
Black Cup by J. R. Snyder and Kevin Perrault
Ondine's Curse by Steven Manners
Parable Beach by Paddy McCallum
Sense of Season by David Manicom
Fires of the Kindred by Robin Skelton
Killing the Swan by Mark Anthony Jarman
Tesseracts2 by Phyllis Gotlieb and Douglas Barbour
Tesseracts by Judith Merril
The Night Workers of Ragnarok by Kristjana Gunnars
Dancing Nightly in the Tavern by Mark Anthony Jarman
False Shuffles by Jane Urquhart
The Cat in the Cathedral by Bernadette Renaud
The Euguélionne by Gerry Denis et al. and Louky Bersianik
Making Movies by David Halliday
Giving Back Diamonds by Marilyn Bowering
Life Sentence by Eli Mandel
One-Eyed Moon Maps by Kristjana Gunnars
Inspector Therrien by Andre Major and Mark Czarnecki
The Visitors Have all Returned by Marilyn Bowering
Don Quixote in Nighttown by Victor-Lévy Beaulieu
The Dismissal by James Reaney
Right Hand Left Hand by Dorothy Livesay
Top Soil by Joe Rosenblatt
I Love You, Baby Blue by Theatre Passe Muraille
Chaim the Slaughterer by Joseph Sherman
Dream Craters by Peter Thomas and Joe Rosenblatt
Name by Seymour Mayne
Caliban Without Prospero by Max Dorsinville
Ice Age by Dorothy Livesay
Achilles' Navel by Doug Fetherling
Among Worlds by W. H. New
Dr. Sadhu's Muffins by Steve McCaffery
Lowry by Tony Kilgallin
Stony Plain by Eli Mandel
Bumblebee Dithyramb by Joe Rosenblatt
The Topolobampo Poems by Tim Inkster
Angel by Eldon Garnet