Sono Nis Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Portrait of My Father by Robin Skelton
Liminal by Jordan Mounteer
Songs of the Sea-Witch by Susan Musgrave
Breath of the Snow Leopard by J. Michael Yates
Belonging by Sandy Shreve
Chasing the Moon by Penny Chamberlain
The Wilderness Profound: Victorian Life on the Gulf of Georgia by Bryan N. S. Gooch and Richard Somerset Mackie
Openings by Robin Skelton
Postcards Home by Christopher Wiseman
The Vagabond Fleet by Peter Murray
Collected Poems, Volume III by Ralph Gustafson
Remembering Mr. Fox by Christopher Wiseman
Dream Museum by Liliane Welch
Hard Candy by Linda Rogers
The Girl With a Baby by Sylvia Olsen
Hanky-Panky by Robert Skelton
Margaret Laurence, The Long Journey Home by Robin Skelton and Oliver Lovesey
Duet for Wings and Earth by Barbara Colebrook Peace
I Will Ask for Birds by Kelly Parson
A Delicate Fire by Darrell Laird and Harold Rhenisch
Agapanthus by Ann York
The Parrot Who Could by Robin Skelton
Rip Current by Harold Enrico
Songs of the Maori King by Stephen Chan
Eleusis by Harold Rhenisch
Run, Madrina, Run! by Dorothy Wingrove
Home Port: Victoria by Ursula Jupp
The Indigo Dress by Rona Murray
Private Properties by Leona M. Gom
Kodachromes at Midday by Glean Douglas
The Devil and Mr. Duncan by Peter Murray
Collected Poems by George Woodcock
Smoke Without Exit by Brian Brett
A Coastal Range by Charles Lillard
In a Canvas Tent by Robert MacLean
Second Person by Derk Wynand
Flying Dutchmen by James Harrison
Tenderfoot Trail by Olive Spencer Loggins
Wordsong by Robin Skelton
Forest Full of Rain by Lala Koehn
Fugue Brancusi by J. Michael Yates
In the Wake of the War Canoe by William Henry Collison
An Ocean of Whispers by Christopher Wiseman
Landmarks by Robin Skelton
Journey by Rona Murray
A Poor Photographer by John Barton
Alternate Endings by Jill Rogers
The Vivid Air by Ralph Gustafson
Alternate Endings by Jill Rogers
The Killing Room by Marilyn Bowering
The Singletree by Leona M. Gom
Emergency Measures by John Baglow
The Journal of Wukkuan Sturgis by W. H. New and S. W. Jackman
The Making of a Chief by R. Gordon Hepworth
Liturgies by Fred Candelaria
The Rooms We Are by Stephen Scobie
snowscapes by Derk Wynand
Selected Poems by Rona Murray
Penetration by Lawrence Russell
Passages and other Poems by Eugene McNamara
The Rim of the Park by Florence McNeil
Kayak Sickness by Deborah Eibel
Blood Ties by George Amabile
the abstract beast by J. Michael Yates
Volvox by J. Michael Yates
Scann by Robert Harlow
The Late Man by Andreas Schroeder
Neo Poems by John Robert Colombo
The Ozone Minotaur by Andreas Schroeder
Motions Dreams and Aberations by Elizabeth Gourlay