Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Full Light of Day by David Brooks
OЯACULE by Nicole Raziya Fong
Flying Red Horse by Dale Martin Smith
Twists of Fate: If by Chance and Destination Paradise by Michel Tremblay and Linda Gaboriau
The Grand Melee by Michel Tremblay and Sheila Fischman
still by Anahita Jamali Rad
The Diary of Dukesang Wong by Dukesang Wong, David McIlwraith and Wanda Joy Hoe
One and Half of You by Leanne Dunic
Here by Colin Browne
Taking Measures: Selected Serial Poems by George Bowering and Stephen Collis
Cottagers and Indians by Drew Hayden Taylor
Flow: Poems Collected and New by Roy Miki and Michael Barnholden
The Eyelash and the Monochrome by Tiziana La Melia
The Art of Building a Bunker by Adam Lazarus and Guillermo Verdecchia
In Search of New Babylon by Dominique Scali
Daisy by Sean Devine
Reveries of a Solitary Biker by Catriona Strang
A Crossing of Hearts by Michel Tremblay
After Class by George F. Walker
Wayside Sang by Cecily Nicholson
full-metal indigiqueer by Joshua Whitehead
Intertidal: The Collected Earlier Poems, 1968-2008 by Daphne Marlatt and Susan Holbrook
Same Diff by Donato Mancini
U Girl by Meredith Quartermain
for love and autonomy by Anahita Jamali Rad
Human Tissue by Weyman Chan
Reading Sveva by Daphne Marlatt
I, Bartleby by Meredith Quartermain
Empire of the Son by Tetsuro Shigematsu
Once in Blockadia by Stephen Collis
Cosmophilia by Rahat Kurd
As Always: Memoir of a Life in Writing by Madeleine Gagnon and Phyllis Aronoff
Injun by Jordan Abel
Odd Ducks by Bryden MacDonald
The Shoplifters by Morris Panych
Winners and Losers by Marcus Youssef and James Long
Rom Com by Dina Del Bucchia and Daniel Zomparelli
Writing the Okanagan by George Bowering
Un/inhabited by Jordan Abel
Limbinal by Oana Avasilichioaei
Get Me Out of Here by Sachiko Murakami
The Properties by Colin Browne
Specks by Michael McClure
Crossing the Continent by Sheila Fischman and Michel Tremblay
King of Thieves by George F. Walker
Bolsheviki by David Fennario
Signed Wings by Lola Lemire Tostevin
Corked by Catriona Strang
From the Poplars by Cecily Nicholson
Fortified Castles by Ryan Fitzpatrick
Downverse by Nikki Reimer
Peacock Blue: The Collected Poems by Phyllis Webb and John F. Hulcoop
The Vestiges by Jeff Derksen
Tom at the Farm by Michel Marc Bouchard
Thrum by Natalie Simpson
The Place of Scraps by Jordan Abel
The Monument Cycles by Mariner Janes
The (Post) Mistress by Tomson Highway
Davie Street Translations by Daniel Zomparelli
Leave of Absence by Lucia Frangione
In the Dog House by Wanda John-Kehewin
To the Barricades by Stephen Collis
Internodes by Ken Belford
The Book of Esther by Leanna Brodie
Blue Box by Carmen Aguirre
Api 2967 by Robert Gurik and Marc F. Gélinas
The Trial of Jean-Baptiste M. by Allan Van Meer and Robert Gurik
poems for yoshi by bill bissett
Seven Hours to Sundown by George Ryga
Names and Nicknames by James Reaney
Raft Baby by Dennis Foon
Ignoramus by James Reaney
novel by bill bissett
textual vishyuns by Carl Peters
News by Drew Hayden Taylor
The Edward Curtis Project by Rita Leistner and Marie Clements
Miss Take by Will Browning and Réjean Ducharme
sublingual by bill bissett
On the Material by Stephen Collis
Discovery Passages by Garry T. Morse
Bardy Google by Frank Davey
The Heretic by John Murphy
Skydive by Kevin Kerr
How to Write by Derek Beaulieu
Open Air Bindery by David Hickey
Decompositions by Ken Belford
My Darling Nellie Grey by George Bowering
And Other Stories by George Bowering
The Heart Laid Bare by Michel Trenblay and Sheila Fischman
Tsubaki by Aki Shimazaki
The Buz'gem Blues by Drew Hayden Taylor
The Lil'wat World of Charlie Mack by Dorothy Kennedy and Randy Bouchard
Jewel by Joan MacLeod
Written on Water by Michel Marc Bouchard and Linda Gaboriau
News from Éduourd by Michel Tremblay and Sheila Fischman
A Thing of Beauty by Michel Tremblay and Sheila Fischman
Down the Road to Eternity by M.A.C. Farrant
The Gull by Daphne Marlatt
Sentenced to Light by Fred Wah
The Trigger by Carmen Aguirre
Benevolence by Morris Panych
Going Home by Ken Norris
The Commons by Stephen Collis
Baseball Love by George Bowering
Carmela's Table by Vittorio Rossi
A Few Words Will Do by Lionel Kearns
Omniscience by Tim Carlson
The Hunting Ground by Lise Tremblay and Linda Gaboriau
What Lies Before Us by Morris Panych
In the Eyes of God by Raul Sanchez Inglis
Cul-de-sac by Daniel MacIvor
The Painter's Wife by Monique Durand and Sheila Fischman
Dominican Moon by Ken Norris
400 Kilometres by Drew Hayden Taylor
The Concise Köchel by Normand Chaurette
The Leisure Society by François Archambault and Bobby Theodore
My Name is Bosnia by Madeleine Gagnon, Phyllis Aronoff and Howard Scott
The Baldwins by Serge Lamothe
In the Eyes of Stone Dogs by Daniel Danis and Linda Gaboriau
Rose by Tomson Highway
Cariboo Magi by Lucia Frangione
The Dishwashers by Morris Panych
The Driving Force by Michel Tremblay and Linda Gaboriau
All That Glitters by Martine Desjardins, Fred A. Reed and David Toby Homel
The Centre: Poems by Barry McKinnon
Past Perfect by Michel Tremblay
Mambo Italiano by Steve Galluccio
Back to the War by Frank Davey
Fractal Economies by Derek Beaulieu
The Ventriloquist by Larry Tremblay
Wanted by Sally Clark
Beyond Recall by Lise Weil and Mary Meigs
Go Figure by Réjean Ducharme
Mile End by Lise Tremblay
The Riddle of The World by David French
Girl in the Goldfish Bowl by Morris Panych
Dream Pool Essays by Gil McElroy
The Shape of a Girl by Joan MacLeod
Write It On Your Heart: The Epic World of an Okanagan Storyteller by Harry Robinson, Wendy Wickwire and Laurence (Laurie) Ricou
Unity (1918) by Kevin Kerr
Talking Bodies by Larry Tremblay and Sheila Fischman
16 Seconds by Bobby Theodore
Fairy Ring by Martine Desjardins
Soldier's Heart by David French
Fearless Warriors by Drew Hayden Taylor
15 Seconds by François Archambault and Bobby Theodore
The Coronation Voyage by Michel Marc Bouchard and Linda Gaboriau
Songs of the Say-Sayer by Daniel Danis and Linda Gaboriau
The Invisibility Exhibit by Sachiko Murakami
Marcel Pursued by the Hounds by Michel Tremblay, Bill Glassco and John Van Burek
The Shovel by Colin Browne
And Other Stories by Claude Boisvert and Gernot Wieland
The Heart Laid Bare by Michel Tremblay and Sheila Fischman
Down Dangerous Passes Road by Michel Marc Bouchard and Linda Gaboriau
All the Verdis of Venice by Normand Chaurette and Linda Gaboriau
Great Lake Suite by David McFadden
The Rain Barrel by George Bowering
Lasagna: The Man Behind the Mask by Ronald Cross and Hélène Sévigny
Other Schools of Thought by Morris Panych
Life Skills by Marlis Wesseler