Thistledown Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

You Can't Stay Here by Jasmina Odor
Hunting Piero by Wendy MacIntyre
Skin Whispers Down by Marilyn Iwama
Shift by Kelly Shepherd
Questions for Wolf by Shannon Quinn
Exile on a Grid Road by Shelley Banks
Wind Leaves Absence by Mary Maxwell
A Map in My Blood by Carla Braidek
Yes, and Back Again by Sandy Marie Bonny
Riot Lung by Leah Horlick
The Little Washer of Sorrows by Katherine Fawcett
Given by Susan Musgrave
Branch Lines by Kim Maltman
Towards a New Compass by Lorne Daniel
Benchmark by Bruce Hunter
Endgames by Andrew Stubbs
Man Facing West by Don Gayton
Old Habits by Rhona McAdam
What We Miss by Glen Sorestad
Women Who Dream Tigers by Vicki Summerfeldt
Alice, I Think by Susan Juby
Post by Arley McNeney
Translating Women by Bill Stenson
The Work of Snow by Gary Hyland
Boundary Country by Tom Wayman
Obon by Terry Watada
A Heart in Port by Emily Givner
A Grave in the Air by Stephen Henighan
So It Won't Go Away by John Lent
Translating Women by Bill Stenson
What's Come Over Her by Helen Mourre
City of Rains by Nirmal Dass and Anupama Mohan
Filling the Belly by Tara Manuel
Nights in the Yungas by Stephen Henigan
The Work of Snow by R. W. Stedingh and Gary Hyland
A Dancing Star by Doug Beardsley
Dedications by Dennis Cooley
Carnival Glass by Bonnie Dunlop
Month's Mind by John V. Hicks
Women Who Dream Tigers by Susan Drodge and Vicki Summerfeldt
Alice, I think by Sarah Boak and Susan Juby
The World Beaters by Ed Kleiman
Shimmerdogs by Dianne Linden
Speak Mandarin Not Dialect by Elizabeth Haynes
The Fifth Window by Russell Thornton
Stream Under Flight by John Livingstone Clark
Comfort Me with Apples by Sara O'Leary
First Mountain by Paulette Dubé
Talking Down the Northern Lights by Shelley A. Leedahl
A Geography of Souls by Kathleen McCracken
Old Habits by J. R. Snyder and Rhona McAdam
Outlasting the Landscape by Robert Hilles
West into Night by Glen Sorestad
The Old Familiar by Alex Hawley
Creating the Country by Rhona McAdam
Red Earth, Yellow Stone by Anne Campbell
Making Movies by Andrew Wreggitt
Through the Nan Da Gate by Ken Mitchell
The Violent Lavender Beast by Ernest Hekkanen
To Die Ascending by Peter Christensen
Walking at Brighton by Dave Margoshes
Hour of the Pearl by Rhona McAdam
Conventional Emotions by Lesley Choyce
Out of the Willow Trees by Peter Stevens
Falling Together by Lorne Daniel
Black Swan by Gertrude Story
Small Regrets by Dave Margoshes
Deep North by Bert Almon
Afternoon Starlight by Charles Noble
The Beekeeper's Daughter by Bruce Hunter
The Top of the Heart by Lesley Choyce
The Need of Wanting Always by Gertrude Story
No Feather, No Ink by Karl Jirgens
The Seventh Day by Lewis Horne
Man at Stellaco River by Andrew Wreggitt
Frieze by John Lent
Orts and Scantlings by H. C. Dillow
Barkerville by Florence McNeil
Just Off Main by Gary Hyland
Kiss Me Down to Size by Ken Rivard
Beyond Here by Jim Green
The Overlanders by Florence McNeil
Branch Lines by Richard Dubanski and Kim Maltman
White Noise by Garry Raddysh
The Book of Thirteen by Gertrude Story
The Life of Ryley by Monty Reid
Dirt Hills Mirage by Barbara Sapergia
Disturbances by Greg Simison
Rig Talk by Peter Christensen
Land of the Peace by Leona M. Gom
Winter Your Sleep by John V. Hicks
Blue Sunrise by Bert Almon
The Mushroom Jar by Nancy Senior
East of Myloona by Andrew Suknaski
Now Is a Far Country by John V. Hicks
Gathering Fire by Helen Hawley
Hail Storm by Peter Christensen
The Prismatic Eye by Doris Hillis
Endgames by Andrew Stubbs
Mennonites Don’t Dance by Darcie Friesen Hossack
Never Going Back by Antonia Banyard