TSAR Publications

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Still Close to the Raven by Rienzi Crusz
Rosa’s District 6 by Rozena Maart
The Harem by Safia Fazlul
Jewels and Other Stories by Dawn Promislow
Redemption Rain by Jennifer Rahim
Postcolonialism: My Living by Arun Mukherjee
Beautitudes of Ice by Rienzi Crusz
The Faces of Galle Face Green by Suwanda H. J. Sugunasiri
The Fourth Canvas by Rana Bose and Sharon Butala
Her Mother's Ashes 3 by Nurjehan Aziz
Shopping for Sabzi by Nitin Deckha
Return to Arcadia by H. Nigel Thomas
Drums of My Flesh by Cyril Dabydeen
The Writing Circle by Rozena Maart
Rainsongs of Kotli by Tariq Malik
breathing for breadth by Salimah Valiani
Moveable Margins by Chelva Kanaganayakam
Red Lacquered Chopsticks by Betty Warrington-Kearsley
Consensual Genocide by Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha
Belonging and Banishment by Natasha Bakht
The Strike by Anand Mahadevan
The Faces of Galle Face Green by Vijay Mishra and Suwanda Sugunasiri
Floating the Borders: New Contexts in Canadian Criticsm by Neil ten Kortenaar and Nurjehan Aziz
Beatitudes of Ice by Vijay Mishra
The Third Infinitive by Lakshmi (Myrna) Gill
An Island is a World by Samuel Selvon
Once Upon a Time in Bollywood by Jolly Gurbir, Zenia Wadhwani and Deborah Barretto
In a Boston Night by Sasenarine Persaud
The Texture of Identity by Martin Genetsch
A Time for Loving by Rienzi Crusz
Transnational Poetics: Asian Canadian Women’s Fiction of the 1990s by Pilar Cuder-Domínguez, Sonia Villegas-López and Belén Martín-Lucas
Subversive Sonnets by Pamela Mordecai
Miah by Julia Lin
Redemption Rain by Jennifer Rahim
Adrift by Loren Edizel