Turnstone Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Cattail Skyline by Joanne Epp
Without Benefit of Words by Kathleen Wall
Eigenheim by Joanne Epp
The Wittenbergs by Sarah Klassen
What Lies Behind by Luann Hiebert
Boy Lost in Wild by Brenda Hasiuk
There Can Never Be Enough by David Arnason
Sonar by Kristian Enright
This Body That I Live In by Anne Le Dressay
The Earth Is One Body by David Waltner-Toews
Rehearsal for Dancers by Craig Powell
Gimp Crow by Ken Kowal
Raised by the River by Jake MacDonald
Walking to Mojacar by Di Brandt
Due West: 30 Great Stories from Alberta Saskatchewan and Manitoba by Wayne Tefs, Geoffrey Ursell and Aritha van Herk
Grace and Poison by Karen Connelly
Kilter: 55 Fictions by John Gould
A Vain Thing by Tom Wayman
The Sundog Season by John Geddes
The Demon Lover by David Arnason
Seeing Red by Dennis Cooley
Kilter: 55 Fictions by John Gould and Robert Amussen
standing all the night through by Audrey Poetker-Thiessen
This Only Home by Dennis Cooley
Bone Bird by Darlene Quaife
Recent Mistakes by Jan Horner
Atli's Tale by Mike Olito
Bread, Wine and Angels by Anna Zurzolo
Some Great Things by Lawrence Hill
Girl by the Water by Gary Geddes
Jerusalem, Beloved by Di Brandt
Jiggers by Todd Bruce
Reckoning by A. S. Penne
traffick by Rob Budde
Running with the Caribou by Pete Sarsfield
Iridium Seeds by Sylvia Legris
A Fine Grammar of Bones by J. R. Snyder
Tell Tale Signs by Janice Williamson
Pale Blue Hope by Ronald Poulton and Valerie Raoul
Decomposing Maggie by Ann Eriksson
Carnival of Longing by Kristjana Gunnars
The Look-Out Tower by Geoffrey Ursell
Animal Walk by John O'Neill
Reading Canadian Reading by Robert Lecker and Frank Davey
Dancers in a Web by Andrew Parkin
Naked Croquet by Doug Melnyk
Hard Confessions by Alexandre L. Amprimoz
The Vernacular Muse by Marcia Macaulay
The Family Romance by Eli Mandel
Backing into Heaven by Steve Noyes
No Fixed Admission by Jacqui Smyth
The Magic Trumpet by Victor Cowie and Victor Davies
Grasshopper by Helen Hawley
Bloody Jack by Dennis Cooley
Figures on a Wharf by Wayne Tefs
Trap Lines by Geoffrey Ursell
Ladies of the House by Sandra Birdsell
Ritual Murders by Steven Smith
The Paper Cage by Robin Skelton
Ideas of Shelter by George Amabile
The Eyes of the Wind by Lala Koehn
Pastoral Madness by Ed Upward
The Mossbank Canon by E. F. Dyck
Thimblerig by Alf Silver
Running into the Open by Pamela Banting
Finding Mom at Eaton's by George Morrissette
Passages of Winter by Arthur Adamson
The Acid Test by Gary Geddes
Voyages by T. D. MacLulich
The Icelanders by David Arnason and Michael Olito
Walking Through Fire by Maggie Helwig
Return Fare by John Lane
While You Were Out by Kate Bitney
Dry Media by Brenda Riches
Marsh Burning by David Arnason
A Shored Up House by Elizabeth Allen
Lacuna by Laura McLauchlan
A Game of Angels by Anne Szumigalski
Leaving by Dennis Cooley
Interstices of Night by Terrence Heath
Scarecrow by Douglas Smith
No Country for White Men by Gordon P. Turner
A Planet Mostly Sea by Tom Wayman
shore lines by Douglas Barbour
Jimmy Bang Poems by Victor Enns
Across the White Lawn by Robert Foster
Almost a Ritual by Les Siemieniuk
First Ghost to Canada by Kenneth McRobbie
Rehearsal for Dancers by David Headon and Craig Powell
The Cranberry Tree by Enid Delgatty Rutland
Soviet Poems by Ralph Gustafson
Mister Never by Miriam Waddington
Rootless Tree by John V. Hicks
Gimp Crow by Ken Kowal