University of Toronto Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Reception of Northrop Frye by Robert D. Denham
A Name for Herself: Selected Writings, 1891-1917 by L. M. Montgomery and Benjamin Lefebvre
A World of Songs: Selected Poems, 1894-1921 by L. M. Montgomery and Benjamin Lefebvre
Asian Canadian Studies Reader by Roland Sintos Coloma and Gordon Pon
The Collected Works of Northrop Frye Vol. 6 by Northrop Frye and Robert D. Denham
The Collected Works of Northrop Frye Vol. 5 by Northrop Frye and Robert D. Denham
E.J. Pratt: Letters by E. J. Pratt and Elizabeth Popham
Unbound: Ukrainian Canadians Writing Home by Lisa Grekul and Lindy Ledohowski
Embodied Politics in Visual Autobiography by Sarah Brophy and Janice Hladki
Northrop Frye's Uncollected Prose by Northrop Frye and Robert D. Denham
The Domestic Space Reader by Chiara Briganti and Kathy Mezei
Ponteach, or the Savages of America: A Tragedy by Tiffany Potter and Joshua Trotter
Tecumseh: A Drama by Charles Mair
Selected Poetry and Critical Prose by Charles G. D. Roberts
The Sense of Power by Carl Berger
A Slice of Canada by Watson Kirkconnell
Dominion and Agency by Eli MacLaren
Interpretation of Narrative by Mario J. Waldes and Owen J. Miller
National Performance by Erin Hurley
Secret Craft by Carman Cumming
Prizing Literature by Gillian Roberts
The Traffic in Babies by Karen Balcom
Critical Ecologies by Andrew Biro
On the Case: Explorations in Social History by Franca Lacovetta and Wendy Mitchinson
Gendering the Nation: Canadian Women's Cinema by Kay Armatage, Kass Banning, Brenda Longfellow and Janine Marchessault
Rereading Frye: The Published and Unpublished Works by David Boyd and Imre Salusinszky
Anne's World: A New Century of Anne of Green Gables by Irene Gammel and Benjamin Lefebvre
Home Free by Kim Thúy
Northrop Frye on Twentieth-Century Literature by Northrop Frye and Glen Robert Gill
Border Crossings: Thomas King’s Cultural Inversions by Arnold E. Davidson, Priscilla L. Walton and Jennifer Andrews
Candid Eyes: Essays on Canadian Documentaries by Jim Leach and Jeannette Sloniowski
Marian Engel: Life in Letters by Christl Verduyn and Kathleen Garay
Words with Power by Michael Dolzani
History of the Book in Canada: Volume Two by Yvan Lamonde, Patricia Lockhart Fleming and Fiona A. Black
History of the Book in Canada: Volume Three by Carole Gerson and Jacques Michon
A Gentlewoman in Upper Canada by Barbara Williams
Dickens on Education by John Manning
The Extended Mind by Robert K. Logan
After Green Gables by Hildi Froese Tiessen and Paul G. Tiessen
City Stages by Michael McKinnie
Loving in Verse by Stephen Guy-Bray
Dictionary of Canadian Biography by Réal Bélanger and Ramsay Cook
Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays by Northrop Frye and Robert D. Denham
Shakespeare in the Worlds of Communism and Socialism by Irena R. Makaryk and Joseph G. Price
Notes from Exile by Émile Zola, Dorothy E. Speirs, Dorothy E. Speirs and Yannick Portebois
Marian Engel by Kathleen Garay and Christl Verduyn
Northrop Frye's Notebooks on Romance by Northrop Frye and Michael Dolzani
Modern Drama: Defining the Field by Ric Knowles, Joanne Tompkins and W.B. Worthen
The Half-Lives of Pat Lowther by Christine Wiesenthal
History of the Book in Canada, Volume One: Beginnings to 1840 by Patricia Lockhart Fleming, Gilles Gallichan and Yvan Lamonde
As For Sinclair Ross by David Stouck
Contemporary Antisemitism, Canada and the World by Derek J. Penslar, Michael Marrus and Janice Gross Stein
The George Grant Reader by William Christian and Sheila Grant
Border Crossings: Thomas King’s Cultural Inversions by Priscilla L. Walton, Jennifer Andrews, Marlene Goldman and Arnold E. Davidson
George Grant: Selected Letters by William Christian
Inventing the Loyalists by Norman Knowles
Great Dames by Janice Dickin and Elspeth Cameron
Complete Poems by A. M. Klein and Zailig Pollock
Enemies Within: Italians and Other Internees in Canada and Abroad by Franca Lacovetta, Robert Perin and Angelo Principe