Letters to the Editor

Over its history, Canadian Literature very occasionally published letters to the editor. None of our editors has ever been too keen on the form. Frequently, angry responses have been sent to us—and then retracted several weeks later—an indication that the genre is often fraught.

But the creation of this website and the reasonably prompt publication of all reviews on the site suggest that experimenting with a “Forum” is in order. Forum implies exchange: before a “letter” or response appears here, the reviewer or author of a piece will be informed, and be offered the chance of rebuttal.

We have little enthusiasm for unending exchanges. Personal websites, blogs, and listservs are full of these. They run quickly out of energy and interest. Our inclination will be to take a response, send it to the author of the piece for response, and end the exchange with response and response.

Both the original response and the rebuttal, if any, may be edited. The primary objective in editing would be to publish about “issues” and not about personalities. We want to avoid personal animosity, real or implied. Length is also a concern. We do not impose an absolute length, but in general prefer elegant-letter length, about 250-500 words.

(—Laurie Ricou, Editor of Canadian Literature, 2003-2007. Editor responsible for creating the Letters Section.)

Submission Guidelines

  • Approximately 250-500 words in length.
  • Submit as .doc or .rtf to cl.info@ubc.ca.
  • Canadian Literature is not responsible for the opinions and views stated by the contributors.
  • Inflammatory letters and personal attacks will NOT be published.
  • If your letter is in response to Canadian Literature content, the original author will be contacted and given the chance for rebuttal before any publication.
  • Canadian Literature reserves the right to reject any letter.
  • Canadian Literature reserves the right to edit for content and clarity.



Munich Spring Book Fair: Gastland Kanada (2008)