Truth and Reconciliation in Canada

With much of August spent on our SSHRC application, we are looking forward to our soon-to-be-published issues! But, before that, we want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the new, upcoming holiday in Canada: Canada’s National Day of Truth and Reconciliation.

In June, we took a moment to respond to the unmarked graves found at residential schools in BC. We’ve since learned of thousands more across Canada. Our June post featured a reading list of articles that help situate the reclamation of the graves for Indigenous peoples and survivors of the residential school system. We also acknowledge that, in many ways, Canadian Literature has been complicit in histories of oppression, a fact we do not take lightly. In recent years, we’ve done our best to adjust our focus and raise up marginalized voices.

This National Truth and Reconciliation Day in Canada, on September 30th, we invite you to take a moment to reflect on the many different pathways and opportunities available that support Truth and Reconciliation for the Indigenous peoples in Canada and globally.

If you are just learning about Truth and Reconciliation, we invite you to start with Margery Fee’s “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.” This editorial contextualizes the Commission and its role in Canadian culture. No doubt there has been much work done since its publication, and there is yet still more work to do.

In our Post-SSHRC nostalgia, we’d also like to call attention to Julie Cairnie’s “Truth and Reconciliation in Postcolonial Hockey Masculinities.” This article is frequently taught in university classes as an introductory framework for thinking through the process of Truth and Reconciliation in real-world experiences.

There has been much critical attention to Truth and Reconciliation, trauma, and Indigenous rights published within the pages of Canadian Literature. We hope there will be continuing critical attention paid to this important topic in the years to come. If you would like to read more, please check out this curated search on our website.

We wish you a thoughtful and reflective National Truth and Reconciliation Day.

From all of us here at Canadian Literature.