Institution: Electronic Subscription (1-Year)

Electronic subscriptions provide 1-year online access to all our published issues via OJS. The start and end date of e-subscriptions are not issue-based. E-Subscriptions start upon confirmation of payment.

  • $257.25 CAD for Canadian Purchases (includes GST)
  • $319.09 CAD for US/International Purchases


How to Access Your Online Subscription

  1. If you are a new OJS user, create an OJS account. If you are a returning user, you do not need to create a new account.
  2. Include your OJS username at Checkout or email it to
  3. Include your institution domain and/or IP address(es) at Checkout or email it to Please note the quoted price is for a single registered IP address. Cost per additional IP address is $50.
  4. Canadian Literature will send a confirmation email 1-3 business days after payment is received in full and will allow 1-year subscription access to the specified OJS account.