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Current Issue: #223 Agency & Affect (Winter 2014)

Canadian Literature's Issue 223 (Winter 2014), Agency & Affect, is now available. The issue features articles by Ranbir K. Banwait, Paul Huebener, Lisa Marchi, Veronica Austen, and Andrea Beverley, as well as an interview with Laurence Hill by Kerry Lappin-Fortin, along with new Canadian poetry and book reviews.

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#87 (Winter 1980)
The Making of Modern Poetry

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W. H. New


Susan Beckmann

Keith Garebian

Germaine Warkentin

David O'Rourke

Perry M. Nodelman

Kathy Mezei


Francis Sparshott

Bert Almon

Francis Sparshott

Fraser Sutherland

Irving Layton

Irving Layton

Irving Layton

P. K. Page

P. K. Page

Dorothy Livesay

Dorothy Livesay

Dorothy Livesay

Irving Layton

Book Reviews

Reviews section PDF available

A Net Full of Ondaatje (p. 103 - 105)

by Ed Prato

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. There's a Trick With a Knife I'm Learning to Do by Michael Ondaatje

Subjects: Poetry

Since 1940 (p. 105 - 108)

by Gwladys Downes

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Chaleuils by Cécile Cloutier
  2. Fragments by Guy Menard
  3. Le Centre Blanc by Nicole Brossard
  4. Matin d'Oiseaux by Rina Lasnier
  5. Migrations by Marcel Bélanger
  6. Paliers de Paroles by Rina Lasnier
  7. Petits poèmes presque en prose by Jean Éthier-Blais
  8. Sol Inapparent by Gilles Cyr

Subjects: Comparative, Quebec

A Vulgarian View (p. 108 - 110)

by Eric Nicol

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. A Man to Mary, A Man to Bury by Susan Musgrave
  2. Empire, York Street by
  3. The Tough Romance by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco

Subjects: Literary Criticism

Slim, Slimmer... (p. 110 - 112)

by Alan R. Shucard

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Children on the Edge of Space by Mick Burrs
  2. Crow's Black Joy by Lorna Uher
  3. Now Is a Far Country by John V. Hicks

Subjects: Literary Criticism

Premature Poetry (p. 112 - 114)

by David S. West

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Deathwatch on Skidegate Narrows and other poems by Sean Virgo
  2. Moon Without Light by Len Gasparini
  3. The Fiddlehead Republic by Nicholas Catanoy

Subjects: Literary Criticism, Poetry

Winning Spirit (p. 115 - 116)

by Rod Willmot

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Sunblue by Margaret Avison

Subjects: Religion

Early Oates (p. 116 - 118)

by W. McNaughton

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Dreaming America: Obsession and Transcendence in the Fiction of Joyce Carol Oates by G. F. Waller

Subjects: Literary Criticism

Cohen (p. 118 - 119)

by Lorraine McMullen

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Leonard Cohen by Stephen Scobie

Subjects: Canadian Studies

A Place in Time (p. 120 - 121)

by R. L. McDougall

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Bright Glass of Memory by Douglas Le Pan

Subjects: Literary Criticism

Voices of Women (p. 122 - 124)

by Dorothy Livesay

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. House of Changes by Jeni Couzyn
  2. The Cranberry Tree by Enid Delgatty Rutland

Subjects: Poetry

Essais (p. 124 - 125)

by Maurice Lebel

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Ecrire en notre temps Essais by Fernand Ouellette

Subjects: Essays

Uneven Breathing (p. 125 - 127)

by Pegeen Brennan

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. D'Sonoqua: An Anthology of Women Poets of British Columbia by Ingrid Klassen

Subjects: Anthologies, British Columbia, Poetry, Women's Literature

Poetry and Polemics (p. 127 - 128)

by Gwendolyn Davies

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Irving Layton. The Poet and His Critics by Seymour Mayne

Subjects: Literary Criticism

Gems & Ashes (p. 128 - 130)

by Lorne Daniel

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Droppings from Heaven by Irving Layton
  2. Hanging In by Raymond Souster

Subjects: Literary Criticism, Poetry

Mappemounde? (p. 130 - 132)

by Glenn Clever

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Brave New Wave by Jack David
  2. The Human Elements: Critical Essays by David Helwig

Subjects: Essays, Literary Criticism

Words & Power (p. 132 - 134)

by Eva-Marie Kröller

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Forêt vierge folle by Roland Giguere
  2. J'ai tant cherché le Soleil by Andre Beauchamp
  3. Torrentiel by Pierre Morency

Subjects: Literary Criticism

Getting It Together (p. 134 - 135)

by Michael Benazon

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Making Arrangements by Robert Harlow

Subjects: Literary Criticism, Novel

Seismograph (p. 135 - 136)

by D. J. Dooley

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. The Art of Thomas Merton by Ross Labrie

Subjects: Art

Explorers & Runaways (p. 136 - 138)

by Janet Giltrow

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. First Ghost to Canada by Kenneth McRobbie
  2. Franklin and McClintock by David West
  3. The Terrible Word by William Bauer
  4. The Visitors Have all Returned by Marilyn Bowering

Subjects: Literary Criticism, Poetry

Newfoundland Letters (p. 138 - 139)

by R. G. Moyles

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. The Rock Observed: Studies in the Literature of Newfoundland by Patrick O'Flaherty

Subjects: Literary Criticism

Retrieving the Past (p. 139 - 140)

by Diana Brydon

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. A Family Album by William Bauer
  2. Resevoir Ravine by Hugh Hood

Subjects: Literary Criticism, Novel

After Descartes (p. 141 - 142)

by Caroline Bayard

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Contemporary Surrealist Prose by H. C. Artmann, Michael Bullock, and Rikki Ducornet
  2. Surréalisme et littérature québécoise by Andre Bourassa

Subjects: Quebec, Twentieth Century

Heart/Body Harmony (p. 142 - 144)

by D. Precosky

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Heart's Frame by Cyril Dabydeen
  2. The Earth Is One Body by David Waltner-Toews
  3. The Heart Is Altered by Alan Safarik
  4. This Body That I Live In by Anne Le Dressay

Subjects: Poetry

Ends of Things (p. 144 - 145)

by Michael Hurley

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. A Pyramid of Time: Selected Stories by Abraham Boyarsky
  2. Shotgun And Other Stories by Kent Thompson

Subjects: Short Fiction

Politics & Culture (p. 145 - 150)

by Linda Hutcheon

Book(s) reviewed:
  1. Le territoire imaginaire de la culture by Michel Morin and Claude Bertrand
  2. Parti Pris: idéologies et littérature by Robert Major
  3. Poésie des fontières: étude comparée de poésies canadienne et québécoise by Clément Moisan

Subjects: Comparative, Culture, Quebec

Untitled (p. 150 - 151)

by George Woodcock

Book(s) reviewed:

    Untitled (p. 150 - 151)

    by W. H. New

    Book(s) reviewed:

      Subjects: Bibliography

      Opinions & Notes

      G. M. Lang

      Richard A. Cavell

      George Woodcock

      W. H. New and George Woodcock

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