can a mountain just be a mountain?
[a mountain is everything]

she moves to the river

rock hands full of trees
[good old cedars or                   
good for all sorts of things critters]

the water moves her

bark chips brand new garden mulch linear shining
[we eat blackberries along the way for the cost
     of only a few purple fingertips]

her hands melt into pools and pebbles

knock down new wood framed building should curb touch is best
[they say this rectangular dirtpiece is a waste
of a valuable land parcel]

her fingernails fall off but this is okay

land to status maximization granite countertop potential bliss material domestic
[i say hello to every person i pass on the trail
    because this is what i know]

whoops she steps into the currency current mudslide

location selling point for fog dripping sunday hike routine bonding you
[we conquer nobly knobby crevice with teeth showing]

she scrubs her shoe in the river but it won’t come clean

fenced sunfill heart habitats for you family have it all under two million
[we step out fresh trails around mountain sprawls
   and feel safe here]

she runs home dreaming barefoot and gravel

forget first national national bank home trust in numbers cannot quantify fresh air
[a sanctuary for the lonely
   but rape repeats in the forest]

she wraps her muck apartment feet in honey and ivory

imprints of black carbon sole footprints marched for post-corporate pints
[we point at the eagles they know better]

she peers into the mirror and sees nothing in everything

official wisdom signs hoot moonshine reflective
[the dirt loves your ideas]

she wonders what reflection of herself she would see

what added taken and what away say you may notice some changes happening here
[the adorners of land thought she looked naked
without a tower atop her head]

if she could just look in the pools of water back on the mountain

heli tree shaved her head and secret baby eagle nests—don’t tell anyone
     [we call the tower a viewpoint or lookout and head up there together
   while it relays some signals]

she crawls back to the mountain and it is far

the river smelted up with conveniences
[i wouldn’t swim in that water or touch it he said
  you don’t know what’s in there]

she pulls herself up the scar trail dragging her jowls

 suddenly barren land stripes seen from satellite space reputation nightmare
[our eyes trace the divide we know to be a wound and understand
     there is pain here that must be healed]

she finds the water and nestles into ripples

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