One thing we’ve never done
is run till we’re choke-hold
red just for the sake of it.

We’ve talked about it—once
we almost did it.
But both of us came ill-equipped

for the occasion. I brought two tops,
no pants. You brought pants
for someone half your size.

We laughed at the collaborative
It was raining hard as hogheads anyhow.

So we stayed inside instead and talked—
among other things
about the seagull

with the gammy leg, dragging it
on landing,
unaddled by the handicap completely.

Questions and Answers

What inspired “Hogheads”?

I wanted to use the words “gaffe,” “addled,” and “gammy” for their unusualness and assonance, and I found a funny context in which to do so.

This poem “Hogheads” originally appeared in Canadian Literature 160 (Spring 1999): 26.

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