Poem Found in an Inventory of the Library of Mordecai Richler

Contents as recorded in July 2013 into an Excel spreadsheet, during working hours, on the office premises of Vêtements Peerless Clothing Inc. (producer of fine men’s tailored clothing), 8888 Pie-IX Blvd., Montréal, Québec, H1Z 4J5.


Box 43

1 wooden document inbox with miscellaneous desk realia including:

2 metal letter openers in leather holders
1 stapler
cigars [complete and partial] in Ziploc bags

1 eraser
assorted clips
1 “World’s Greatest Dad” plaque, clear plexiglass with blue lettering

1 Davidoff tobacco box
1 compact disc of music by Wolf Krakowski, Polish Canadian
Yiddish singer-songwriter
assorted film negatives


assorted matchbook covers
[further cataloguing required]

1 Mordecai Richler passport, 1994-1999
1 fly-fishing reel in blue case [later removed and returned to Jacob Richler
at his request]
1 James Keller & Sons Ltd. cream-coloured marmalade jar filled with used
pencils and pens [wrapped in beige packing paper]

1 Vat 69 Scotch whisky glass with paper clips and pens inside [wrapped in
beige packing paper]
50+ pieces: padded envelopes, blank paper, collapsed manuscript boxes, etc.
1 black and white photograph of Mordecai Richler at his desk

1 typed sheet of white paper with the line “now is thew timve for aLL
GOOF men to come to the aid of the party” [sic]
1 postcard Elm Street, Woodstock, VT
1 royalty statement from Random House Canada for Barney’s Version,
September 1997

2 black and white photographs
1 The Blending Box tobacco tin [square in shape]
1 book, The Observer’s Book of Heraldry by Charles MacKinnon

20+ pieces: receipts, invoice slips, deposit slips, etc.
9 assorted owner’s manuals for telephones, exercise bike, and Smith Corona
1 novelty writing pad from Baron Byng High School reunion

1 blue WH Smith notebook, 88 pages, narrow ruled, the first twenty pages
filled with notes in the handwriting of Mordecai Richler
20+ pieces: assorted notes, invitations, and letters addressed to Mordecai
1 brown envelope with typescript for essay opening with the words, “Some
years back in New York . . . .”

1 book, Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang, Tundra Books
1 book, As a Man Thinketh, by James Allen
1 map, Sinai Interim Agreement, 1975

1 free map, Sightseeing Boston’s Freedom Trail
1 orientation map of Vancouver, British Columbia
30+ pieces: miscellaneous flyers and papers [arranged in a bound packet]

1 packet in brown plastic case of two photos depicting Mordecai Richler in Jerusalem

This originally appeared in Canadian Literature 248 (2022): 169-171.

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