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Women in Publishing
By Melissa Dalgleish
Published in Canadian Literature 247 (2021): 138-139.
  • Toronto Trailblazers: Women in Canadian Publishing by Ruth Panofsky
Secret Lives of Letters
By Melissa Dalgleish
Published in Contested Migrations. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 219 (Winter 2013): 160-62.
  • The Qwerty Institute: Annual Report by Angela Szczepaniak
  • Conflict by Christine McNair
  • repeater by Andrew McEwan
  • IKMQ by Roger Farr

Book Reviews of Melissa Dalgleish's Works

The Essential Jay Macpherson: Selected by Melissa Dalgleish
By Jay Macpherson and Melissa Dalgleish
Reviewed in Human/Mythos by Emily Bednarz