Issue 249: Comics Author Spotlight – aman kaur

aman kaur is primarily interested in studying anti-colonial discourses in text, media, and art—particularly those that center Indigenous sovereignty and meaningful solidarities between liberation movements, or “constellations of co-resistance” (Leanne Betasamosake Simpson, As We Have Always Done). She recently received her MA in English from Western University and her BA is in Literature and Rhetoric Studies from the University of Waterloo. As a settler scholar on Turtle Island from the occupied land of Punjab, her research interests oscillate between studying occupation, abolition, and anti-colonialism in multiple contexts, and she hopes to combine these to help develop global frameworks for liberation in future work.

Article: Richard Van Camp’s Three Feathers as a Land-Based Pedagogy for Indigenous Masculinities

This paper explores Richard Van Camp’s graphic novel, Three Feathers, as a pedagogical guide for refusing colonial impositions of masculinity and justice and rooting these in Indigenous ideals instead. The community’s process of restorative justice in the novel shows a land-based pedagogy that teaches the young men how to care and how to be cared for— both of which are essential to their own healing and the healing of their community.

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