New Issue: 254 — Feminist Critique Here and Now

We are thrilled to announce the arrival of Canadian Literature, issue 254. This special issue on Feminist Critique Here and Now is guest edited by Aubrey Hanson and Heather Milne. In their editorial, Aubrey and Heather write:

In recent years, feminism has taken on new urgency in the wake of #ubcAccountable and #MeToo; movements like #BlackLivesMatter and #IdleNoMore have drawn renewed attention to the importance of intersectional feminism; and the covid-19 pandemic has focused attention on questions of class, gender, immigration status, precarity, mental health, and disability rights. These events were at the forefront of our minds as we came together to conceptualize this special issue in the summer of 2021.

– Aubrey Hanson and Heather Milne, “Feminist Critique Here and Now

This issue also features:

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