Aya Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Liturgy of Light by Stavros Tsimicalis
Hundred Proof Earth by Milton Acorn and James Deahl
The Blue House by Lesley McAllister
White Light by Brian Dedora
Utensile Paradise by Richard Truhlar
I Shout Love and Other Poems by Milton Acorn and James Deahl
No One We Know by Rhea Tregebov
Blind Zone by Steven Smith
Paper Roses by Rachel Korn
Penumbra by Susan Kerslake
The Visitation by A. F. Moritz
Luna-Verse by Catherine Ahearn
Illusion One by Geoff Hancock
Illusion Two by Geoff Hancock
Stone Wear / A Sequence of the Blood by Eva Tihanyi and Dianne Joyce
Shattered Songs by Arnold Itwaru
Acrobats by Paul Savoie
The Magician in Love by Leon Rooke
Magic Realism by Geoff Hancock
Craft Dinner by bp Nichol