Beach Holme Publishing

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Kameleon Man by Kim Barry Brunhuber
Iron Mountain by Mark Frutkin
Secret by John Wilson
The View from Tamischeira by Richard Cumyn
The Gambler's Daughter by Shirlee Smith Matheson
Under Emily's Sky by Ann Alma
Flesh and Blood by Michael Crummey
Prime by Miranda Pearson
Tending the Remnant Damage by Barbara Sibbald and Sheila Peters
The Accidental Orphan by Constance Horne
On the Threshold by T. Anne Archer et al.
Autobiography by Marilyn Bowering
Moving Water by Joan Skogan
One Leaf Shaking by Robin Skelton
Interpreting Silence by Rhonda Batchelor
Common Place Ecstasies by Wendy McGrath
Ounce of Cure by Mark Anthony Jarman