Caitlin Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Answer to Everything: Selected Poems of Ken Belford by Ken Belford, Jordan Scott, Rob Budde and Si Transken
Odes & Laments by Fiona Tinwei Lam
Elemental by Kate Braid
Ghost Warning by Kara Stanley
Skeena by Sarah de Leeuw
Tears of Mehndi by Raminder Sidhu
Understories by Marc Ory
A Well-Mannered Storm by Kate Braid
Soft Geography by Gillian Wigmore
Zen Forest by Carolyn Zonailo
The Celluloid Barrette by Elizabeth Gourlay
Wilderness Beginnings by Rose Hertel Falkenhagen
All Things Said & Done by Marita Dachsel
(flood basement by Jeremy Stewart
Finding Ft. George by Rob Budde
The Butcher of Penetang by Betsy Trumpener
Rainbow Dancer by Heather Harris
Pembina Country by Paul Jones
Family Album by Stephen Morrissey
Poems at My Doorstep by Ajmer Rode
Ex Perimeter by Tom Konyves
Jacob's Prayer by Lorne Dufour
Valley Sutra by Kuldip Gill
Enter the Chrysanthemum by Fiona Tinwei Lam
Becoming My Father by Claude Liman
I Will Bring You Berries by Jean Mallison
4722 Rue Berri by Mona Fertig
Animus by Penny Kemp
All Those Drawn to Me by Christian Petersen
Grandpère by Janet Romain