Guernica Editions

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Choosing Eleonore by Andrée A. Gratton
Fuse: A Memoir by Hollay Ghadery
The Haunted Hand by Louise Dupré
A Good Name by Yejide Kilanko
Chronicling the Days: Dispatches from a Pandemic by Linda M. Morra and Marianne Ackerman
This Cleaving and This Burning by J. A. Wainwright
Squall: Poems in the Voice of Mary Shelley by Chad Norman and Judith S. Bauer
Crito Di Volta: An Epic by Marc di Saverio
Canticles II (Lost Scrolls) by George Elliott Clarke
Journeys by Nadine Ltaif and Christine Tipper
Unravelling by Josephine Boxwell
Cardinal Divide by Nina Newington
Mad Hatter by Amanda Hale
Footprints of Dark Energy by Henry Beissel
Cosmic Bowling by Cornelia Hoogland and Ted Goodden
Swoon by Elana Wolff
Clark Blaise: The Interviews by J. R. (Tim) Struthers
Clark Blaise: Essays on His Works by J. R. (Tim) Struthers
William Hutt: Soldier Actor by Keith Garebian
Songs of Exile by Bänoo Zan
Coming Here, Being Here by Donald F. Mulcahy
Arguments for Lawn Chairs by Aaron Kreuter
Middle-Aged Boys & Girls by Diane Bracuk
In Your Crib by Austin Clarke
The He We Knew by Merle Nudelman
Slender Human Weight by Sue Chenette
Maude by Suzanne Jacob and Luise Von Flotow
Stained Glass by Concetta Principe
Impala by Carole David and Daniel Sloate
Origins by George Whipple
On Order and Things by Stefan Psenak and Antonio D'Alfonso
Octopus Intelligence by Timothy Quinn
Obsessed with Language by Chantal Bouchard and Luise Von Flotow
Let Me Go! by Anne Claire Poirier and Nora Alleyn
Lifedream by Herménégilde Chiasson and Jo-Anne Elder
Adjacencies: Minority Writing in Canada by Domenic Beneventi, Licia Canton and Lianne Moyes
Hard Edge by F. G. Paci
Girls Closed In by France Theoret and Luise Von Flotow
The Blueness of Light by Louise Dupré and Antonio D'Alfonso
The Unsaid Passing by B. W. Powe
The Fertile Crescent by Karen Shenfeld
Tattoo Joint by Jason Gileno
Newer Lies by Dan Jalowica
Unholy Stories by Carole David and Nora Alleyn
Kiss of the Beggar by Pierre L'Abbé
Three by Three by Anne Dandurand, Claire Dé, Hélène Rioux and Luise Von Flotow
Take Me to Coney Islan by Miriam Packer
Quartz and Mica by Yolande Villemaire and Judith Cowan
Impala by Dean Irvine and Daniel Sloate
Stained Glass by Concetta Principe and Dean Irvine
Benedetta in Guysterland by Giose Rimanelli
Ancient Memories, Modern Identities by Domenic Cusmano and Filippo Salvatore
Surface Tension by Marisa De Franceschi
The Lion's Mouth by Caterine Edwards
Vinnie and Me by Fiorella De Luca Calce
A Rage of Love by Alda Merini and Pasquale Verdicchio
Duo of Obstinate Voices by Maryse Pelletier
Birdheart by Elana Woldd
Duologue: On Culture and Identity by Antonio D’Alfonso and Pasquale Verdicchio
Breaking the Mould by Penny Petrone
Conceptions by Jane Dick
Homeground by Caterina Edwards
Nomadic Trajectory by Pasquale Verdicchio
Barry Callaghan by Priscila Uppal
Positions to Pray In by Barry Dempster
Lovhers by Nicole Brossard and Barbara Thomson Godard
Loyalty to the Hunt by Dorina Michelutti
Devour Me Too by Dacia Maraini and Genni Donati Gunn
Contrasts by Joseph Pivato
The Other Shore by Antonio D'Alfonso
Moving Landscape by Pasquale Verdicchio
La Fresque de Mussolini by Filippo Salvatore
The Death of André Breton by Ray Chamberlain and Jean Yves Collette
Quêtes: Textes d'auteurs italo-québécois by Antonio D'Alfonso and Fulvio Caccia
Addolorata by Marco Micone
Voiceless People by Marco Micone and Maurizia Binda
A Bride in Three Acts by Mary Melfi
The Alchemy of the Body and Other Poems by Marc Plourde and Juan Garcia
Concrete City by Ray Chamberlain and Claude Beausoleil
Night Coach by Marco Fraticelli
Fables for Isolated Men by Barry Dempster
Dead Shadows by Daniel Sloate
Black Tongue by Antonio D'Alfonso
Remembering History by Rhea Tregebov
Conceptions by Jane Dick
To Sleep, To Love by Ken Norris
Suns of Darkness by Filippo Salvatore