House of Anansi Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

This Is How We Love by Lisa Moore
Fugue with Bedbug by Anne-Marie Turza
Buffoon by Anosh Irani
White Resin by Audrée Wilhelmy and Susan Ouriou
The Bjorkan Sagas by Harold R. Johnson
The Hunter and the Old Woman by Pamela Korgemagi
Junebat by John Elizabeth Stintzi
We Want What We Want by Alix Ohlin
Songs for Angel by Marie-Claire Blais and Katia Grubisic
Noopiming: The Cure for White Ladies by Leanne Betasamosake Simpson
Intruder by Bardia Sinaee
Ridgerunner by Gil Adamson
The Elements by Erín Mouré
Dual Citizens by Alix Ohlin
Frying Plantain by Zalika Reid-Benta
The Caiplie Caves by Karen Solie
Minds of Winter by Ed O'Loughlin
The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittall
Thirteen Shells by Nadia Bozak
The Break by Katherena Vermette
The Waking Comes Late by Steven Heighton
Boundless by Kathleen Winter
Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick deWitt
Based on a True Story by Elizabeth Renzetti
Eye of the Father by David Williams
Kim's Convenience by Ins Choi
The Juliet Stories by Carrie Snyder
Inside by Alix Ohlin
Testament by Dennis Lee
The Griffin Poetry Prize Anthology 2012 by Heather McHugh and David O’Meara
Waterloo Express by Paulette Giles
Poems for all the Annettes by Al (Alfred W) Purdy
Methodist Hatchet by Ken Babstock
Coming Through Slaughter by Michael Ondaatje
The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt
The Unmemntioable by Erín Mouré
The Antagonist by Lynn Coady
A Suit of Light by Sheila Fischman and Anne Hébert
The Breakwater House by Pascale Quiviger
February by Lisa Moore
Patient Frame by Steven Heighton
Cockroach by Rawi Hage
Long Story Short by Elyse Friedman
Chameleon Hours by Elise Partridge
O Cadoiro by Erín Mouré
Domain by Barbara Nickel
The Sentinel by A. F. Moritz
The Outlander by Gil Adamson
Degrees of Nakedness by Lisa Moore
Gargoyles by Bill Gaston
No Pain Like This Body by Harold Sonny Ladoo
Ireland'€™s Eye by Mark Anthony Jarman
Alligator by Lisa Moore
The Good Bacteria by Sharon Thesen
Airstream Land Yacht by Ken Babstock
Past Imperfect by Suzanne Buffam
The Law of Dreams by Peter Behrens
Mean by Ken Babstock
Crowd of Sounds by Adam Sol
The Address Book by Steven Heighton
Thunder and Light by Marie-Claire Blais and Nigel Spencer
Open by Lisa Moore
English-Speaking Justice by George Grant
The Immaculate Conception by Gaétan Soucy
Affairs of Art by Lise Bissonnette
Am I Disturbing You? by Sheila Fischman and Anne Hébert
The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches by Gaétan Soucy and Sheila Fischman
These Festive Nights by Marie-Claire Blais and Sheila Fischman
Taken by Daphne Marlatt
Annabel by Kathleen Winter
A Suit of Light by Susan Knutson, Sheila Fischman and Anne Hébert
Selected Poems by Patrick Lane, Lorna Crozier and Alden Nowlan
The Tracey Fragments by Maureen Medved
Dead Men's Watches by Hugh Hood
Debriefing the Rose by Mary di Michele
Baysville: Poems by John Donlan
Light-crossing by Michael Redhill
The Tapeworm Foundry by Darren Werschler-Henry
The Pot of Wisdom: Ananse Stories by Adwoa Badoe and Mavis Reimer
Hypothesis by John Barton
Cruelties by Lise Bissonnette and Sheil Fischman
Lost August by Esta Spalding
Jade Slash Laverna by Anne Montagnes
The Joys of Exile by Paul Tiyambe Zeleza
Gwendolyn Papers by Len Gasparini
Near Water by Hugh Hood
19 Knives by Mark Anthony Jarman
Night Street Repairs by A. F. Moritz
I Dreamed Myself Into Being: Collected Works by John Thompson and James Polk
yes / no by Dennis Lee
Revolver by Kevin Connolly
Valmiki's Daughter by Shani Mootoo
Hammerstroke by Don Domanski
Tamara by John Krizanc
Furious by Erín Mouré
Heartbreaks Along the Road by Roch Carrier and Sheila Fischman
Death-Watch by Jacques Brault and David Lobdell
Spring Tides by Jacques Poulin and Sheila Fischman
When the Stones fly up by Dale Zieroth
Selected Tales of Jacques Ferron by Jacques Ferron and Betty Bednarski
Lady with Chains by Roch Carrier and Sheila Fischman
Foreign Bodies by Rachel Wyatt
Second Words by Margaret Atwood
The Embroidered Tent by Marian Fowler
Mid-River by Dale Zieroth
War in an Empty House by Don Domanski
Wake-Pick Poems by Kristjana Gunnars
The River Horsemen by David Williams
The Draft Dodger by Louis Caron
The Hockey Sweater and other stories by Roch Carrier and Sheila Fischman
The Garden of Delights by Roch Carrier
The Jimmy Trilogy by Jacques Poulin and Sheila Fischman
Basic Black With Pearls by Helen Weinzweig
Empire, York Street by Erín Mouré
Stilt Jack by John Thompson
The Rosedale Hoax by Rachel Wyatt
Coming Through Slaughter by Michael Ondaatje and Roy MacSkimming
Blackout by Alan Brown and Hubert Aquin
they won't demolish me! by Roch Carrier and Sheila Fischman
Yesterdays by Harold Sonny Ladoo
Breathing Space by John Bruce
The Fatal Woman by John Glassco
Monodromos by Marian Engel
No Pain Like This Body by Harold Sonny Ladoo
Clearing by Dale Zieroth
The Wabeno Feast by Wayland Drew
Time in the Air by Rachel Wyatt
Power Politics by Margaret Atwood
Circuit by Lawrence Garber
Communion by Graeme Gibson
Bartleby by Chris Scott
Nobody Owns the Earth by bill bissett
The Afterpeople by George Payerle
Fallout by Peter Such
The Happy Hungry Man by George Jonas
Canada First by Peter Anson
The Gangs of Kosmos by George Bowering
Winter of the Luna Moth by Joe Rosenblatt
Five Legs by Graeme Gibson
The Absolute Smile by George Jonas
Kingdom of Absence by Dennis Lee
The Antagonist by Lynn Coady
The Unmemntioable by Erín Mouré
The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt
1996 by Sara Peters
The Blue Dragon by Marie Michaud, Robert Lepage and Fred Jourdain
Mai at the Predators' Ball by Marie-Claire Blais