Muses’ Company

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Grasping Men's Metaphors by Sharon H. Nelson
Installations (with and without pronouns) by Nicole Brossard, Erín Mouré and Robert Majzels
Exposed by Catherine Hunter
Symphony by Elias Letelier-Ruz and Ken Norris
How To by Endre Farkas
Singing Bone by Katharine Bitney
Necessary Crimes by Catherine Hunter
For Orchestra and Solo Poet by Emile Martel and D. G. Jones
The Flame Tree by Clarise Foster
Surviving Words by Endre Farkas
Take This Waltz: A Celebration of Leonard Cohen by Michael Fournier and Ken Norris
The Work of Our Hands by Sharon H. Nelson
Grasphing Men's Metaphors by Sharon H. Nelson and J. R. Snyder
The Cost of Living by Harry Prest and Kenneth Radu
Poetry in Performance by Tom Konyves
From Here to Here by Endre Farkas
Cloud Gate by Claudia Lapp