Oberon Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Rosemary Goal by Tom Marshall
Red Dust by W. D. Valgardson
Dancers at Night by David Adams Richards
Reliving Charlie by Dean Serravalle
The Opening Eye by Nancy Bauer
Riding the Long Black Horse by Raymond Souster
Road Dancers by Alden Nowlan
Pye-Dogs by Tammy Armstrong and George McWhirter
The Sandblasting Hall of Fame by Lawrence Mathews
Bright Centre by Elizabeth Brewster
Jacob's Dream by Elizabeth Brewster
Telling Stories by David Helwig
Bones About to Bloom by Jes Battis and Shari Andrews
Halfway Man by Wayland Drew
Human Bones by Ally McKay
The Book of Salt by Kenneth Sherman
Entertaining Angels by Elizabeth Brewster
Black Blood by F. G. Paci
The Rage of Space Poems by Philip Stratford
Splinters by Doug Turner
New Moon, Old Mattress by Patricia Keeney
Burning Bush by Elizabeth Brewster
Close to Home by Raymond Souster
A Magic Prison: Letters from Edward Lacey by David Helwig and E. A. Lacey
A Provisional Life by Andre Major
Old Bank Notes by Raymond Souster
Poor Player by Lesley Krueger
No Sad Songs Wanted Here by Raymond Souster
Close to Home by Raymond Souster
Submariner's moon by Don McNeill
White Madness by Robert Gibbs and Alden Nowlan
Garden of Sculpture by Elizabeth Brewster
Just Say the Words by David Helwig
Starting from Porcupine by William Aide
Gravity Lets You Down by Maggie Helwig
Entering the Landscape by Eric Henderson and Madeline Sonik
The Number Hall by Abraham Boyarsky
Baroness Elsa by Paul Hjartarson and Douglas O. Spettigue
Winter's Descent by Don Gutteridge
Riding the Long Black Horse by Alexander M. Forbes and Raymond Souster
Footnotes to the Book of Job by Elizabeth Brewster
The Rooming-House by F. G. Paci
Treading Water by Kenneth Radu
A Fly on the Curtain by Fred Euringer
Turtle Drum by Carol Anne Wien
A Random Gospel by David Helwig
Away From Home by Elizabeth Brewster
Constant Fire by Melissa Hardy
Between the Lines by Hilda Kirkwood
Ghost Safari by Tom Marshall
Best Canadian Stories 94 by Maggie Helwig and David Helwig
Man Without Face by Frances Itani
Summer's Idyll by Don Gutteridge
The New Pagans by Patricia Keeney
Homecoming by Veronica Ross
Best Canadian Stories 1992 by David Helwig and Maggie Helwig
Coming Attractions by Douglas H. Glover and Maggie Helwig
The Love Parlour by Leon Rooke
A Bad Day to be Winning by George McWhirter
91: Best Canadian Stories by David Helwig and Maggie Helwig
Coming Attractions: 91 by Douglas H. Glover and Maggie Helwig
Marble Season by Bonnie Laing
Under the Bridge by F. G. Paci
Living Here by David Helwig
Managing Just Fine by Joan Fern Shaw
Sex and Character by F. G. Paci
The Child of Someone by David Helwig
Journey to India by Frank Thompson
The Invention of Truth by Elizabeth Brewster
The Listeners by George McWhirter
Two Tickets to Paradise by Jake McDonald
Snow by Hélène Holder
Spring Again Poems by Elizabeth Brewster
Guns and Magnolias by Elfrieda Read
Love in the Wintertime by Don Gutteridge
Love Minus Zero by Lori Hahnel
Coming Attractions 90 by David Helwig and Maggie Helwig
Words and Music by Louise Maheux-Forcier
An Early Day by Judith Pond
Writing Home by Barry Dempster
Night Cries by Irena Friedman Karafilly
Asking for More by Raymond Souster
The End of Innocence by Gail Fox and Tom Marshall
88 Best Canadian Short Stories by Maggie Helwig and David Helwig
Coming Attractions by Maggie Helwig and David Helwig
Unfortunate Incidents by Joan Givner
Hard Travel by Lesley Krueger
Truth of Lies by Frances Itani
Distant Relations by Kenneth Radu and W. J. Keith
Double Exposure by Gaetan Brulotte and David Lobden
The Company Store by Sheldon Currie
Cartoon Woods by Richard Taylor
Eyes of Love by Raymond Souster
Bring Me Your Passion by Don Bailey
A Fine and Quiet Place by Nora Keeling
Love Me, Love Me Not by Claire Martin and David Lobdell
Isle of Joy by Louise Maheux-Forcier and David Lobdell
The Legacy [Quand j'aurai payé ton visage] by Claire Martin and David Lobdell
Seeds by Bryan Moon
Hong Kong Poems by Gary Geddes
The Slidingback Hills by Laurence (Laurie) Ricou and Peter Trower
86 Best Canadian Stories by Sandra Martin and David Helwig
Coming Attractions 4 by Sandra Martin and David Helwig
Visitations by Elizabeth Brewster
Squatter's Island by W. D. Barcus
The Bridge Out of Town by Jake MacDonald
The Paris-Napoli Express by Janice Kulyk Keefer
The Dalhousie Journals, Vol. 3 by Marjorie Whitelaw
A Hero Travels Light by Lilly Barnes
Cage by George McWhirter
After the Fact by Helene Holden
Standing Flight by David Lobdell and Gilles Archambault
Wise-Ears by Nancy Bauer
A Forest for Zoe by Louise Maheux-Forcier and David Lobdell
It Takes All Kinds by Raymond Souster
Learning on the Job by Robert Currie
Beyond Courage by George Cassar
Bottled Roses by Darlene Madott
Mario by Claude Jasmin and David Lobdell
Common Magic by Bronwen Wallace
Glass Houses by Tom Marshall
Angels in the Rain by R. H. Ramsey
Fury by David Watmough
Raspberry Vinegar by Joan Fern Shaw
Moon Country by Denys Chabot and David Lobdell
Paula Lake by George McWhirter
The Master of Strappado by Négovan Rajic and David Lobdell
Northern Comfort by Martin Avery
Jubilee of Death by Raymond Souster
chasing her own tail by Nora Keeling
Fanny Essler by Frederick Philip Grove, Christine Helmers, A. W. Riley and Douglas O. Spettigue
All the Way Home by Gabrielle Poulin and Jane Pentland
84 Best Canadian Stories by David Helwig and Sandra Martin
Coming Attractions by David Helwig and Sandra Martin
Heartlands by Philip Kreiner
The Elizabeth Stories by Isabel Huggan
Swim For Your Life by Don Bailey
Earthen Vessels by Ann Copeland
The Father by Frank Paci
The Antlered Boy by Lloyd Abbey
Catchpenny Poems by David Helwig
Queen City by Raymond Souster
Going the Distance by Raymond Souster
Songs of the Indians by John Robert Colombo
Signs of the Former Tenant by Brownwen Wallace
Fire Before Dark by George McWhirter
Displaced Persons by Fred Bonnie
Lords of Shouting by Joseph Sherman
82 Best Canadian Stories by John Metcalf and Leon Rooke
Digging In by Elizabeth Brewster
Black Madonna by F. G. Paci
The Way Home, New Poems by Elizabeth Brewster
A Way With Words by George Bowering
Wednesday's Child by Gilbert Choquette and David Lobdell
Cottage Gothic by Martin Avery
Needle to the North by Arthur C. Twomey
Third Impressions by John Metcalf
Calling Home by Merna Summers
Taking Cover by Keath Fraser
The Driver by Nora Keeling
Making Up by Don Bailey
God's Eye by George McWhirter
The King's Evil by David Helwig
81: Best Canadian Stories by John Metcalf and Leon Rooke
Second Impressions by John Metcalf
A Beast With Two Backs by Mike Mason and T. F. Rigelhof
Lives of Short Duration by David Adams Richards
One Who Came Back by Anita Mayer
The Island Man by George McWhirter
Eldorado on Ice by David Lobdell and Denys Chabot
Born Indian by W. P. Kinsella