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Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Canada: Images of a Post/National Society by Mark Shackleton, Katri Suhonen and Gunilla Florby
Owning Culture by Kewbrew McLeod
Varieties of Exile: New Essays on Mavis Gallant by Nicole Côté and Peter Sabor
Do the Americas Have a Common Literary History? by Barbara Buchenau and Annette Paatz
The Plays of Codco by Helen Peters
Canada 2000 by Klaus-Dieter Ertler, Martin Loschnigg and Martin Kuester
Douglas Gibson Unedited by Christine Evain
Reading the World: Selected Writings, 1935-1976 by Northrop Frye and Robert D. Denham
Signatures of the Past by Caroline De Wagter and Marc Maufort
The Protagonist in Transition by W. H. New and Gila Ramras-Rauch