Playwrights Canada Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Virgin Trial by Kate Hennig
Indian Arm by Hiro Kanagawa
1979 by Michael Healey
Oil and Water by Robert Chafe
Five @ Fifty by Brad Fraser
It is Solved by Walking by Catherine Banks
Penny Plain by Ronnie Burkett
Bingo! by Daniel MacIvor
Lenin's Embalmers by Vern Thiessen
Gas Girls by Donna-Michelle St. Bernard
Outspoken by Susan G. Cole
Queer Theatre in Canada by Rosalind Kerr
The Nuttalls by Michael Healey
If We Were Birds by Erin Shields
So Many Doors by Celia McBride
A Woman's Comedy by Beth Herst
Theatre Histories by Alan Filewood
Design and Scenography by Natalie Rewa
Talk by Michael Nathanson
Courageous by Michael Healey
Canadian Shakespeare by Susan Knutson
I Have AIDS! by Sky Gilbert
Such Creatures by Judith Thompson
While We're Young by Don Hannah
Toronto the Good by Andrew Moodie
The Gwendolyn Poems by Claudia Day
The Harps of God by Kent Stetson
Tideline by Wadji Mouawad and Shelley Tepperman
The Shakespeare's Mine by Ric Knowles
a nanking winter by Majorie Chan
Canada and the Theatre of War: Volume 1 by Sherrill Grace and Donna Coates
Shatter by Trina Davies
Vimy by Vern Thiessen
Palace of the End by Judith Thompson
Silverwing by Kim Selody
Dreams by Wajdi Mouawad and Linda Gaboriau
George F. Walker by Harry Lane
Capture Me by Judith Thompson
The Real McCoy by Andrew Moodie
Rice Boy by Sunil Kuruvilla
Last Romantics by Michael Lewis MacLennan
Belle Moral: A Natural History by Ann-Marie MacDonald
Half Life by John Mighton
Monsieur d'Eon by Mark Brownell
The Shooting Stage by Michael Lewis MacLennan
Birthright by Constance Lindsay Skinner and Joan Bryans
The Innocent Eye Test by Michael Healey
Cold Meat Party by Brad Fraser
Chronic by Linda Griffiths
Voice of Her Own by Sherrill Grace and Angela Rebeiro
The Waterhead and Other Plays by Aaron Bushkowsky
Einstein's Gift by Vern Tiessen
An Acre of Time: The Play by Jason Sherman
7 Cannons by Martin Bragg, Per Brask and Roy Surette
Sled by Judith Thompson
Serpent Kills by Jim Millan and Blake Brooker
Claudius by Ken Gass
Colonial Tongues by Mansel Robinson
Mary's Wedding by Stephen Massicotte
Alien Creature by Linda Griffiths
Perfect Pie by Judith Thompson
Staging the North: Twelve Canadian Plays by Sherrill Grace, Eve D'Aeth and Lisa Chalykoff
Homeward Bound by Elliot Hayes
Serpent in the Night Sky by Dianne Warren
The Gwendolyn Poems by Dorothy Shostak
Yankee Notions by Anne Chislett
Bone Cage by Catherine Banks
The Saints and Apostles by Raymond Storey
Two Plays by Drew Carnwath
Angélique by Lorena Gale
Kilt by Jonathan Wilson
Mad Boy Chronicle by Michael O'Brien
The Heart As It Lived by Mansel Robinson
Moo by Sally Clark
Sacred Hearts by Colleen Curran
Scientific Americans by John Mighton
Developing Nation by Bruce Barton
The Dressing Room by Sky Gilbert
Lilly, Alta by Dyba Kenneth
Lucky Strike by Hrant Alianak and Dorothy Parker
Rattle in the Dash by Peter Anderson
Skin and Liars by Dennis Foon
The East End Plays by George F. Walker
New Works I by Playwrights Canada
Four New Comedies by Playwrights Canada
Prague by John Krizanc
Doc by Sharon Pollock
Escape Entertainment by Carol Bolt
Ever Loving by Margaret Hollingsworth
Operators by Margaret Hollingsworth
Bushed by Margaret Hollingsworth
Black to Black by Greg Light
There Are No Dragons by Elinore Siminovitch
Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii by Allan Stratton
The Running of the Deer by Geoffrey Ursell
Escape Entertainment by Carol Bolt
Second Chance by Aviva Ravel
Alice by Warren Graves
The Crackwalker by Judith Thompson
The Ziggy Effect by Marc Diamond
The Next Move by George Szanto
Flytrap by David Freeman
Gossip by George F. Walker
Sight Unseen by Steve Petch
The Trojan Women by Gwendolyn MacEwen
Clouds of Glory by Betty Lambert
Blitzkrieg by Bryan Wade
A Certain William by Leanore Lieblein
Where is Kabuki? by Don Druick
Queer Theatre in Canada by Rosalind Kerr
Lenin's Embalmers by Vern Thiessen
Bingo! by Daniel MacIvor
The Mommiad by Sky Gilbert