Quadrant Editions

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

A Sad Device by Roo Borson
Morning and It's Summer by Al (Alfred W) Purdy
Taking It to the Letter by George Woodcock
The Growing Dawn by Mark Frutkin
Zarkeen by Pegeen Brennan
The Cloned Mammoth by Martin Reyto
Chinada by Gary Geddes
Quantrill by William Goede
Backyard Gene Pool by David Ingham and Ken Decker
Sucking-stones by John Smith
Trailing Pythagoras by George Galt
Antichthon by Chris Scott
Dead Ends by Keith Harrison
Matinees Daily by Terence Byrnes
Wintering Over by Terence Byrnes
McAlmon's Chinese Opera by Stephen Scobie
Pilgarlic the Death by Bernard Epps
What Is To Be Done? by Mavis Gallant