Quarry Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

L'homme blanc by Perrine Leblanc
The Untidy Bride by Sandra Nicholls
Trapdoor to Heaven by Lesley Choyce
Dancing at the Crossroads by Joan Finnigan
Mating in Captivity by Genni Gunn
Aurora Awards by Edo van Belkom
The Untidy Bride by Jack Stewart and Sandra Nicholls
Stalin's Carnival by Steven Heighton
Old Enemy Juice by Phil Hall
Homeless Heart by Don Bailey
The Year in Pictures by Barbara Carey
Rites of Alienation by Douglas Fetherling
The Big Life Painting by Ron Charach
The Ballad of Isabel Gunn by Stephen Scobie
Undressing the Dark by Barbara Carey
Frogs & Other Stories by Diane Schoemperlen
The Transparence of November / Snow by Roo Borson and Kim Maltman
Green Eyes, Dukes & Kings by Michael Rawdon
Winter Journey by Allan Brown
Dance of the Particles by Tom Marshall
The Almond Tree by Allan Brown
The Individual Heart by William Callaghan Jr.
Globe Doubts by Barry Dempster
Magic Water by Tom Marshall
Mouth by Seymour Mayne
Cutty Sark by Len Gasparini
Dangerous Season by Gail Fox
The Silver Wire by George Bowering