Véhicule Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Outer Wards by Sadiqa de Meijer
The Hardness of Matter and Water by Pierre Nepveu and Donald Winkler
The Chemical Life by Jim Johnstone
Siren by Kateri Lanthier
Mockingbird by Derek Webster
The Scarborough by Michael Lista
Dog Ear by Jim Johnstone
The Grey Tote by Deena Kara Shaffer
Birds Flock Fish School by Edward Carson
Sumptuary Laws by Cynthia Zimmerman and Nyla Matuk
Musings: An Anthology of Greek-Canadian Literature by Tess Fragoulis, Steven Heighton and Helen Tsiriotakis
The Rent Collector by B. Glen Rotchin
Standing Wave by Robert S. Allen
A Short Journey by Car by Liam Durcan
A House by the Sea by Sikeena Karmali
K. in Love by Don Coles
Rembrandt's Model by Yeshim Ternar
Missing Fred Astaire by P. Scott Lawrence
Pardon Our Monsters by Andrew Hood
Home Fires by Kenneth Radu
The Proving Grounds by Rhea Tregebov
Evil Eye by Ann Diamond
Hometown by Laura Lush
Continuation II by Louis Dudek
The Invention of Honey by Ricardo Sternberg
Rue Sainte Famille by Charlotte Hussey
Anna's Shadow by David Manicom
A Private Performance by Kenneth Radu
Birds of a Feather by Carolyn K. Jansen
A Nun's Diary by Ann Diamond
WSW (West South West) by Erín Mouré
Ox by Christopher Patton
Writers in Aspic by John Metcalf
Modern Marriage by David Solway
Zembla's Rocks by Louis Dudek
Voyage to the Other Extreme by Marilú Mallet and Alan Brown
A Nun's Diary by Anne McLean
Knowledge Never Knew by Steve McCaffery
Ideas for Poetry by Louis Dudek
Complicity by Susan Glickman
Cross/cut by Ken Norris and Peter Van Toorn
What Henry Hudson Found by John McAuley
Continuation 1 by Louis Dudek
Neons In the Night by Lucien Francoeur and Susanne de Lotbinière-Harwood
The Perfect Accident by Ken Norris
Montreal English Poetry of the Seventies by Ken Norris and Endre Farkas
Blind Painting by Robert Melançon and Philip Stratford
Small Horses & Intimate Beasts by Michel Garneau and Robert McGee