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Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

A is for Acholi by Otoniya Juliane Okot Bitek
Revery: A Year of Bees by Jenna Butler
Radium Girl: Stories by Sofi Papamarko
Treaty # by Armand Garnet Ruffo
Voodoo Hypothesis by Canisia Lubrin
The Heavy Bear by Tim Bowling
Dear Ghost, by Catherine Owen
The Description of the World by Johanna Skibsrud
Unquiet Bones by Peter Midgley
Our Inland Sea by James Lindsay
Death Valley by Susan Perly
The Capacity for Infinite Happiness by Alexis von Konigslow
Einstein's Cat by Zöe Landale
Turning the Corner at Dusk by Jacquie Buncel
A Difficult Beauty by David Groulx
A Difficult Beauty by David Groulx
A Difficult Beauty by David Groulx
Just Like Her by Louise Dupré and Erín Mouré
Burning House by Richard Lemm
I Can Still Draw by Heather Spears
Figuring Ground by Robert Moore
Seven Ravens by Lesley Choyce
The New Blue Distance by Jeanette Lynes
Museum Absconditum by Robert Moore
Pink Purse Girl by Susan L. Helwig
Shall: Ghazals by Catherine Owen
Criminal Mountains by John O'Neill
Burning the Dead by Kevin Irie
The Parable Boat by Hannah Main-van der Kamp
Counting to 100 by Alan R. Wilson
Running Out of Time by Betsy Struthers
Wishbone Dance by Glen Downie
Boy Am I by Mark Cochrane
Sweet Betsy from Pike by Stan Rogal
Open to Currents by Kenneth Sherman
The Strength of Materials by Rhea Tregebov
Big Breath of a Wish by Richard Harrison
Poems Selected and New by Heather Spears
Aqua by Anne Marriott
Impromptu Feats of Balance by Michael Redhill
Moonlight Saving Time by Bill Howell
Some Bones and a Story by Alice Major
Emma's Dead by Carol Malyon
Human Acts by Heather Spears
Recovering the Naked Man by Richard Harrison
Reticent Bodies by Moez Surani
The Word for Sand by Heather Spears
If Summer Had a Knife by Beverely Daurio
Sancho by George Miller
A Grass Pillow by Richard Lush
The Moving Light by Eugene McNamara
A Manual for Lying Down by Richard Lush
Polychronicon by Polly Fleck
The Third Taboo: A Collection of Poems on Jealousy by Heather Cadsby and Maria Jacobs
Naked Trees by John Terpstra
Now is the Winter: Thinking about Hockey by Jamie Dopp and Richard Harrison
Burning House by Richard Lemm
Seeing Lessons by Catherine Owen
Turning the Corner at Dusk by Jacquie Buncel
A Difficult Beauty by David Groulx
Hamilton Illustrated by David Collier
We, Beasts by Oana Avasilichioaei