CanLit Interviews with Authors

Interview with Marilyn Dumont (September 2014)
by Margery Fee

Interview with Tamas Dobozy (March 2013)
by Alissa McArthur

Interview with Norman Ravvin (August 2011)
by Alissa McArthur

Editing The Cambridge History of Canadian Literature (December 2009)
by Manuela Costantino

Another Interview with Thomas King (October 2009)
by Jordan Wilson

“No Canadian Should Ever Be Surprised Again”: An Interview with Reingard Nischik (September 2009)
by Sarah Banting

An Interview with Elizabeth Bachinsky (May 2009)
by Evgenia Todorova

When “your ears are tingling from the inside out”: Addena Sumter-Freitag on Storytelling and Recording Life, from Stage to Page (February 2009)
by Christine Lyons

An Interview with Richard Van Camp (December 2008)
by Jordan Wilson

An Interview with Yves Beauchemin (2007)
by Réjean Beaudoin

Interview with Gerald Wexler (July 2007)
by Nathalie Cooke and Norman Ravvin

Lullabies for Literature: An Interview with Heather O’Neill (April 2007)
by Kristin McHale

An Interview with Fred Wah (September 2000)
by Margery Fee and Sneja Gunew

An Interview with George Elliott Clarke (September 2000)
by Margery Fee and Sneja Gunew

An Interview with Thomas King (August 1999)
by Margery Fee and Sneja Gunew

George Woodcock: A Man of Free Intelligence (January 1994)
by Alan Twigg