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Imagining Postcolonialism
By Laura Moss
Published in Travel. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 174 (Autumn 2002): 168-170.
  • Double Crossings by Anne McClintock
  • En-Gendering India by Sangeeta Ray
  • Postcolonial Imaginings by David Punter
The Changing Shapes of Postcolonial Theory
By Laura Moss
Published in Canadian Literature 165 (Summer 2000): 167-169.
  • Postcolonial Discourse and Changing Cultural Contexts by Radhika Mohnamram and Gita Rajan
  • Beyond Postcolonial Theory by E. San Juan, Jr.
Pipelines, Decomposition and Poetic Activism
By Laura Moss
Published in Of Borders and Bioregions. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 218 (Autumn 2013): 140-43.
  • The Enpipe Line: 70,000 Kilometres of Poetry Written in Resistance to the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipelines by Nikki Reimer (Author)
  • Decomp by Jordan Scott (Author) and Stephen Collis (Author)

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