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Seymour Mayne is the author, editor or translator of more than fifty books and monographs, including anthologies and critical texts. At the University of Ottawa where he serves as Professor of Canadian Literature, Canadian Studies, and Creative Writing, he has supervised the publication of a series of twenty annual anthologies of new student writing.  Over the years he has helped sustain the Ottawa and national capital literary community.   He co-founded the poetry monthly Bywords, the poster magazine Graffito, and for a number of seasons he served as mc of the popular poetry reading venue, Bard.

His work is represented in more than eighty national and international anthologies, and his own writings have been translated into French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, and Yiddish. He has given hundreds of lectures and readings at universities and other institutions across Canada, the U.S., and abroad.

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Other Montrealers
By Seymour Mayne
Published in Ultramarine – Hail and Farewell. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 64 (Spring 1975): 98-101.
  • 4 Montreal Poets by David Solway (Author)
  • The White Magnet by Marc Plourde
  • The Stately Homes of Westmount by Harry Howith

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By Seymour Mayne and Sebastian Frye
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Visible Living: Poems Selected and New
By Marya Fiamengo, Janice Fiamengo, Seymour Mayne and Russell Thornton
Reviewed in Three Canadian Poets by Kristen Guest
Five-o'clock Shadows
By George Amabile, Leonard Gasparini, Seymour Mayne, George Swede and Ted Plantos
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By Seymour Mayne
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Children of Abel
By Seymour Mayne
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