Winter (p. 88-88)

Book Reviews

Book(s) Reviewed

  • A Bibliography of Canadian Theatre History 1583-1975 by J. L. Ball and Richard Plant
  • Playwrights in Profile: Carol Bolt by Carol Bolt
  • Maurice by Carol Bolt
  • Shelter by Carol Bolt
  • One Crack Out by David French
  • The Night No One Yelled by Peter Madden
  • Burlap Bags by Len Peterson
  • The Rainmaker by Gwen Pharis Ringwood
  • Quarks by J. Michael Yates

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Price of Gold by Miriam Waddington
  • Some Wild Gypsy by Brenda Fleet
  • Living Together by Joan Finnigan

Stages of Poetry (p. 102-104)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • In Praise of Old Women by Marya Fiamengo
  • Fossil Gound at Phantom Creek by Brian Brett
  • Marzipan Lies by Brian Johnson

St. John’s (p. 104-105)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Oldest City: The Story of St. John's, Newfoundland. Volume I by Paul O'Neill

Not the Whole Story (p. 105-107)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Wheel of Things: A Biography of L. M. Montgomery, Author of Anne of Green Gables by Mollie Gillen

Ice and Fire (p. 107-110)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • snowscapes by Derk Wynand
  • Selected Poems by Rona Murray

Canadian Mills (p. 110-111)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Mills of Canada by Carol Priamo

Americanadians (p. 111-112)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • North by 2000 by H. A. Hargreaves