• Unsettled Remains by Cynthia Sugars and Gerry Turcotte
  • What the Furies Bring by Kenneth Sherman

  • 178 Secondes by Katia Canciani
  • R.I.P. : Histoires mourantes by Claude Forand

  • The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe and Ryan Price
  • When I Was a Boy Neruda Called Me Policarpo by Poli Délano, Sean Higgins and Manuel Monroy

  • Acquainted with the Night: Excursions Through the World After Dark by Christopher Dewdney

  • Gothic Canada: Reading the Spectre of a National Literature by Justin D. Edwards

  • A Demon in My View: Stories by Len Gasparini

  • The Monster Trilogy by RM Vaughan
  • Seeing Red by Dennis Cooley
  • Now You Care by Di Brandt

  • The Perpetual Ending by Kristen den Hartog
  • How the Blessed Live by Susannah M. Smith
  • Mercy by Alissa York
Review Gothic Novel

  • Parcours d’un combattant by André Paquette
  • Ma chère Margot by Monique Le Maner