• Judith Merril: A Critical Study by Dianne Newell and Victoria Lamont

  • Myth and Fairy Tales in Contemporary Women’s Fiction: From Atwood to Morrisson by Sharon R. Wilson

  • The Township of Time, A Chronicle by Charles Bruce
Review Mythology

  • A Gloss on Our Painted Gods by Eric Barstad
  • go-go dancing for Elvis by Leslie Greentree
  • Wayward by Ali Riley

  • La Pensée inpuissante. Échecs et mythes nationaux canadiens-français (1850-1960) by Gérard Bouchard
  • Victor-Lévy Beaulieu. Un Continent à explorer by Jacques Pelletier

  • “Trading Magic for Fact,” Fact for Magic: Myth and Mythologizing in Postmodern Canadian Historical Fiction by Marc Colavincenzo