Text and Context (p. 6-10)

Speaking White (p. 11-23)

Squaring the Circle (p. 62-70)

More than an Echo (p. 72-79)

Translation & Parody (p. 92-106)

Violets in a Crucible (p. 114-125)


Mandrakes (p. 30-30)
Moving (p. 80-80)
In Four Acres (p. 125-125)

Book Reviews

Quebechoes (p. 126-132)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Deaf to the City by Carol Dunlop and Marie-Claire Blais
  • Sweet Madness by Robert Lalonde and Dave Homel
  • The Fairies Are Thirsty by Alan Brown and Denyse Boucher

Ex-Centric (p. 132-135)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje

Stories into Art (p. 135-136)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • A Hero Travels Light by Lilly Barnes
  • Tales Told In Canada by Edith Fowke
  • The Tempest (Essays and Short Stories) by Michel M. J. Shore

Plus ou moins (p. 136-137)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • L'Ouest en nouvelles by
  • Avec plus ou moins du rire by Maurice Constantin-Weyer

First Byte (p. 140-142)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Swiftcurrent by Fred Wah and Frank Davey

Disguises (p. 142-144)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Devour Me Too by Dacia Maraini and Genni Donati Gunn
  • No One We Know by Rhea Tregebov
  • The Fabulous Disguise of Ourselves by Jan Conn

Voices Outside (p. 144-145)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Sometimes They Sang by Helen Potrebenko
  • Flight Against Time by Emily Nasrallah

Front Lines (p. 145-147)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Echosmos by Hédi Bouraoui
  • A Time for Loving by Rienzi Crusz
  • Letters from the Equator by C. H. Gervais

Hybrid Fiction (p. 147-149)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Run, Madrina, Run! by Dorothy Wingrove

Culture & Criticism (p. 149-151)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Phenomenological Hermeneutics and the Study of Literature by Mario J. Valdes
  • The Culture of Criticism and the Criticism of Culture by Giles Gunn

Something Extra (p. 151-154)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Casey Draws the Line and Other Stories by Kit Hood and Linda Schuyler
  • Log Jam by Monica Hughes
  • The Dragon and other Laurentian Tales by Patricia Sillers and Claude Jasmin
  • Starring Quincy Rumpel by Betty Waterton

Integrality (p. 154-155)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • One Night At The Indigo Hotel by Robert Allen
  • Ashbourn by John Reibetanz
  • The Long March by Darko Suvin

Father Bastard (p. 155-156)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Cage by George McWhirter

Passion (p. 156-158)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • La Passion Selon Galateé by Suzanne Jacob
  • L'amour de Jeanne by Alice Parizeau

Social Conscience (p. 158-160)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Zanu by Carol Matas
  • The Unmasking of K'san by Eric Wilson

Allure (p. 160-162)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Falling Together by Lorne Daniel
  • Standing On Our Own Two Feet by W. B. Robertson
  • The Moving Light by Eugene McNamara

Dreams & Icons (p. 163-166)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Carpenter of Dreams by W. D. Valgardson
  • Storms and Screens by Francis Sparshott

On Munro (p. 166-167)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Art of Alice Munro by Judith Miller

Poetic Knots (p. 168-169)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • The Fat Woman Measures Up by Christine Donald
  • Translating Genesis by Deborah Godin
  • Names of God by Tim Lilburn

Amours perdus (p. 169-171)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Soirs sans Atout by Gerald Godin
  • La Veuve rouge by Gaston Tremblay
  • Pris de présence by Pierre Laberge
  • Les Heures by Fernand Ouellette

Geddes (p. 171-173)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Changes of State by Gary Geddes
  • Hong Kong Poems by Gary Geddes
  • I Didn't Notice the Mountain Growing Dark by Li Pai, Tu Fu, George Liang and Gary Geddes
  • The Unsettling of the West by Gary Geddes

Hine’s Music (p. 173-174)

Book(s) Reviewed

  • Academic Festival Overtures by Daryl Hine