Mansfield Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Unmooring by Adebe DeRango-Adem
Spit on the Devil by Samantha Bernstein
Glutton for Punishment by Christopher Doda
Walking by Nelson Ball
Whatever, Iceberg by Tara-Michelle Ziniuk
My Life Without Me by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Yes or Nope by Meaghan Strimas
Last Stop, Lonesome Town by Tara Azzopardi
Abnormal Brain Sonnets by David McFadden
The Purpose Pitch by Kathryn Mockler
punchlines by Aaron Tucker
Monkey Soap by Glen Downie
Moon Baboon Canoe by Gary Barwin
Summer Sport by Priscila Uppal
Water Damage by Peter Norman
Sympathy Loophole by Jaime Forsythe
Imagining Toronto by Amy Lavender Harris
Winter Sport by Priscila Uppal
Dog Eat Rat by Tom Walmsley
Dead Men of the Fifties by Pier Giorgio Di Cicco
Flutter by Alice Burdick
Be Calm, Honey by David McFadden
Imagining Toronto by Amy Lavender Harris
The Crystal Palace by Carey Toane
Campfire Radio Rhapsody by Robert Earl Stewart
Stray Dog Embassy by Natasha Nuhanovic
Hooligans by Lillian Necakov
Goodbye, Ukulele by Leigh Nash
Mongrel by Marko Sijan