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Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

R's Boat by Lisa Robertson
Jazz Cultures by David Ake
The Fire by Miriam Nichols and Robin Blaser
The Holy Forest by Miriam Nichols and Robin Blaser
Maya Deren and the American Avant-Garde by Brenda Austin-Smith and Bill Nichols
The Ethnology of Reading by Jonathan Boyarin
The Aurelian Legacy: British Butterflies and their Collectors by Michael A. Salmon, Peter Marren and Basil Harley
Chinese Femininities, Chinese Masculinities by Susan Brownell and Jeffrey Wasserstrom
Ethnicities: Children of Immigrants in America by Rubén G. Rumbaut and Alejandro Portes
Bodies out of Bounds: Fatness and Transgression by Jana Evans Braziel and Kathleen LeBesco
The Future of the Book by Geoffrey Nunberg
Passport Photos by Amitava Kumar
On the Postcolony by Achille Mbembe
Arms and the Woman: War, Gender, and Literary Representation by Helen M. Cooper, Adrienne Auslander Munich and Susan Merril Squier
The Pound Era by Hugh Kenner