Into Out of the Woods

earth shows us
how young she still is
gases rising
flying off
in all six directions
not reckless but careless
she can’t help it
can’t help it
one bit
this is pre-racial
post ice-age
still expressing
vaporous residue
the people see
the people move
land has
natural valleys
where spirit travels
into and out
ancient walls
miles high solid
hidden doors
portals for passage
she knows this
she saw this too
minds stretched
in expansive
these visions                    I get it

surpassing limits
weaving through forests
towards advancements
she asked
if I wanted to keep going

I already am

the road
behind with distance
she knows
she saw this too
sees it now

she is first
leads search parties
research we call it
never discovering
the people                         see
the people                         move
mountain crests
up there
we say
technology wants this
so bad
it rattles
no way to take it
but you can buy air
shake shake Shakespear
knows the sound of

swallowing air
gallons of it
breathing green
acres of it
looking out
to speak
from a place
of absolute truth
free of metaphor
and hyperbole
seeing rock writing
detecting words
relevant and meaningful
realizing it’s not war at all
but theatre
and television reality
it is a gapping-mouthed
nothing to do
with dreams
no dreams I’ve seen
sacred is different
than secret
left to the existence
on another plane
up there
the mountain points
up there

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