Me n Arleen Usd to Drive Evree Wher


drive evree wher to london hamilton north york Scarborough missisauga watrloo barree to thornlea georgetown collingwood to evree wher almost chain smoking puff puff η with th top down we both wore sun glasses she was a great drivr i was xcellent passengr we drove evreewher to moovees to concerts to restaurants oftn to free ways wun time we wer driving to a reeding at a church hall sumwher downtown we werent late yet but fr sure not earlee weud dun a lot uv driving that day η we wer cumming to cross street η talking abt th prson who had bin sending us hexes keeping us up all nite smoking n talking whn a car "WITH NO WUN IN IT tore thru th intrseksyun arleen was brillyant she slammd on th brakes stoppd us in time n th ghost car blew it did yu see that she sd to me yes i sd ar yu thinking what ium thinking yes i sd n we sped to th reeding parkd th car it was veree cold wintr nite steemee toronto go to th reeding we walkd in th door holding hands mor joind by ths terror car n she was standing up in th audiens th onlee prson standing staring at us n sd my name i sorta wavd at her she lookd veree releevd like she cudint go thru with sumthing or was in sum psychik shock astonishment i went thru th reeding wondring how n hoping it wud go ok ther was sumwun els aftr us who was getting violent now wud she b ther too with a ketchup bottul a gun for us as sheud thretend alredee th reeding was almost in th round reelee likd it aftr th reeding arleen n me didint drive evree wher we drove home immediatelee parkd rushd in put on th coffee kept our sunglasses on startid smoking talking abt all uv that evree angul uv it n trying to pacify th physical vibraysyuns we saw in th air weh wer veree upset all nite ths was gud for at leest two packs each ths was bfor we had herd anee health warnings was eerlee mid seventees at 6 i went to bed had to b up at 8:30 for a reeding n arleen out to th offis but first we drove to th reeding out along th lake to see school n talking n talking breething n weering sun glasses n gliding n smoking n unafrayd

Questions and Answers

What inspired “Me n Arleen Usd to Drive Evree Wher”?

driving with arleen awesum prson we drove evreewher xperiensd great adventurs

What poetic techniques did you use in “Me n Arleen Usd to Drive Evree Wher”?

conversaysyunal vois in wch i write a lot

This poem “Me n Arleen Usd to Drive Evree Wher” originally appeared in 25th Anniversary Issue. Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 100 (Spring 1984): 33.

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