Religion is a Complete Sentence

my mouth inhale darkness
see what I become
for you goosebumps over orchards
growing at the spot where the heart
embraces treachery again
with excuses and grief and fear

my mouth inhale needles
chasing after torn lungs
chasing after torn salty liver
waiting for the subtle manifestation of thread
navigating blindly again
in a pool of blood magnificent and magnified

when memories threaten to abandon the skin
and the evening sun
walking over that untended garden
refuses to leave a single footprint
like snake walking over tiny rocks again
my dreams crumbled into the quivering arms of pain

my mouth inhale silence
inhale gallons of constant warnings
from the eyes hard-boiled with sins
the body knows nothing about
to never exhale on this transitory bed
again where the nose must not tell what it smells

Questions and Answers

How/where do you find inspiration today?

Current affairs, life experiences, work of other poets

Do you use any resources that a young poet would find useful?

Following writers on Twitter, reading journals

As a published writer, what are your tips/words if motivation for an aspiring poet?

To read more, to follow established writers on Twitter

What inspired/motivated you to write this poem?

Today’s politics around religion.

What did you find particularly challenging in writing this poem?

Finding a balance between my religious family an the criticism of same.

This poem “Religion is a Complete Sentence” originally appeared in Eclectic Mix Spec. issue of Canadian Literature 234 (Autumn 2017): 13.

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