Anvil Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

il virus by Lillian Necakov
Scofflaw by Gary Thomas Morse
Bounce House by Jennica Harper
The Inflatable Life by Mark Laba
Atomic Road by Grant Buday
Quarrels by Eve Joseph
Bad Engine by Michael Dennis
Slinky Naive by Caroline Szpak
You Are Not Needed Now by Annette Lapointe
Leaving Mile End by Jon Paul Fiorentino
Escape from Wreck City by John Creary
A Temporary Stranger by Jamie Reid
The Dreamlife of Bridges by Robert Strandquist
The Beautiful Dead End by Clint Hutzulak
Bad Endings by Carleigh Baker
Ignite by Kevin Spenst
Foreign Park by Jeff Steudel
Jettison by Nathaniel G. Moore
jabbering with bing bong by Kevin Spenst
Breakneck by Nelly Arcan and Jacob Homel
Serpentine Loop by Elee Kraljii Gardiner
Traversing Leonard by Craig Savel
Rue by Melissa Bull
Burqa of Skin by Nelly Arcan
The Incomparables by Alexandra Leggat
Mirror on the Floor by George Bowering
Hysteric by Nelly Arcan, David Homel and Jacob Homel
A Credit to Your Race by Truman Green
Galaxy by Rachel Thompson
A Dark Boat by Patrick Friesen
Trobairitz by Catherine Owen
Inventory by Marguerite Pigeon
Wild at Heart: The Films of Nettie Wild by Mark Harris and Claudia Medina
Bogman's Music by Tammy Armstrong
The Skeleton Dance by Philip Quinn
Elysium by Pamela Stewart
Dirtbags by Teresa McWhirter
Stolen by Annette Lapointe
A Small Dog Barking by Robert Strandquist
True Mummy by Tom Cone
The Fed Anthology by Susan Musgrave
Body Speaking Words by Loree Harrell
Private Grief, Public Mourning by John Belshaw and Diane Purvey
A Verse Map of Vancouver by George McWhirter
Airborne Photo by Clint Burnham
Full Magpie Dodge by Lyle Neff
Rental Van by Clint Burnham
Spaz by Bonnie Bowman
Exit by Nelly Arcan and David Scott Hamilton
Vancouver Noir: 1930-1960 by John Belshaw and Diane Purvey