Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

The Debt by Andreae Callanan
Forgotten Work by Jason Guriel
Best Canadian Stories 2019 by Caroline Adderson
Dear Evelyn by Kathy Page
This Wicked Tongue by Elise Levine
The Dishwasher by Stéphane Larue and Pablo Strauss
Braille Rainbow by Mike Barnes
New Brunswick by Shane Neilson
Original Prin by Randy Boyagoda
Peninsula Sinking by David Huebert
Dark Woods by Richard Sanger
Years, Months, and Days by Amanda Jernigan
1979 by Ray Robertson
Boundary: The Last Summer by Andrée A. Michaud
The Year of No Summer by Rachel Lebowitz
Worldly Goods by Alice Petersen
The Analyst by Molly Peacock
The Party Wall by Catherine Leroux and Lazer Lederhendler
Octopus by Patrick Warner
Bad Things Happen by Kris Bertin
The Orange Grove by Larry Tremblay and Sheila Fischman
Arvida by Samuel Archibald and Donald Winkler
Martin John by Anakana Shofield
Confidence by Russell Smith
All Saints by K. D. Miller
By the Book: Stories and Pictures by Diane Schoemperlen
Glad and Sorry Seasons by Catherine Chandler
Attack of the Copula Spiders by Douglas H. Glover
All this Could Be Yours by Joshua Trotter
Malarky by Anakana Schofield
In the Field by Claire Tacon
Light Lifting by Alexander MacLeod
The End of the Ice Age by Terence Young
Track & Trace by Zachariah Wells
Pause for Breath by Sarah Robyn
Meniscus by Shane Neilson
Time's Covenant by Eric Ormsby
Saltsea: A Novel by David Helwig
Airstream by Patricia Young
The English Stories by Cynthia Flood
Once by Rebecca Rosenblum
Century by Ray Smith
The End of the Ice Age by Terence Young
Light Lifting by Alexander MacLeod
In the Field by Claire Tacon
The Big Dream: Stories by Rebecca Rosenblum
The Meagre Tarmac by Clark Blaise
Malarky by Anakana Schofield