Delta Canada

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

In the Silence of the Year by Stephen Scobie
Land Fall by Douglas Barbour
Selected Poems 1920/1970 by R. G. Everson
The Ties of Time by John Lachs
Text for Nausikaa by Michael Harris
Outerings by Eugene McNamara
14 Poems by Alan Pearson
The Dark Is Not So Dark by R. G. Everson
Homage to Mr. MacMullin by Richard Sommer
Images by Geral Robitaille
Man by Glen Siebrasse
Homage to Mr. MacMullin by Douglas Barbour and Richard Sommer
Nothing But Spoons by Peter Stevens
Atlantis by Louis Dudek
Pictures On The Skin by Eldon Grier
Trouvailles by F. R. Scott
Small Change by Renald Shoofler
The Great Wall of China by John Robert Colombo
Wrestle with an Angel by R. G. Everson