Insomniac Press

Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

There Is No Escape Out of Time by Jacqueline Valencia
The Loneliness Machine by Aaron Giovannone
Blind Items by Dina Del Bucchia
Why Poetry Sucks by Ryan Fitzpatrick and Jonathan Ball
Notebook M by Susan Swan and Gillian Savigny
Dance, Monster! by Stan Rogal
The Prescription Errors by Charles Demers
Restless by Stan Rogal
Hush by Anne Stone
Dance Hall Road by Marion Douglas
The Book of Emma by Zilpha Ellis and Marie-Célie Agnant
A Newer Wilderness by Roseanne Carrara
The Mole Chronicles by Andy Brown
Delible by Anne Stone
Asthmatica by Jon Paul Fiorentino
Black Coffee Night by Emily Schultz
No Margins: Writing Canadian Fiction in Lesbian by Catherine Lake and Nairne Holtz
Flame of Separation by Des Kennedy
Gardening in the Tropics by Olive Senior
Pink Icing by Pamela Mordecai
River Suite by Joe Blades
Outside Magic by Noah Leznoff
Hush by Anne Stone and Andrea Wasylow Sharman
The Pleasures of Time: Two Men, a Life by Stephen Harold Riggins
The IV Lounge Reader by Paul Vermeersch
Black Like Who? Writing Black Canada by Tracy Bains and Rinaldo Walcott
Written in the Skin by rob mclennan
Being Black: Essays by Althea Prince
Bafflegab by Stan Rogal
Looking for Brothers by Michael Rowe
ashes are bone and dust by Jill Battson
Why Are You So Sad? by David McFadden and Stuart Ross
Loving This Man by Althea Prince
Swimming in the Ocean by Catherine Jenkins
blood, love & boomerangs by Catherine Jenkins
Pull Gently, Tear Here by Alexandra Leggat
Love Ruins Everything by Karen X. Tulchinsky