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Books Reviewed by Canadian Literature

Edge by Diane Tullson
Edge by Diane Tullson and Hilary Turner
The Second Fiddle by Yves Beauchemin and David Toby Homel
The Long Stretch by Linden MacIntyre
The Brideship by Joan Weir
Emma and the Coyote by Margiret Ruurs and Barbara Spurll
In the Wings by Carole Corbeil
Baby Dreams by Eugenie Fernandes
Matthew and the Midnight Hospital by Allen Morgan and Michael Martchenko
Flags by Maxine Trottier and Paul Morin
One Nation Under The Gun by Rick Hornung
A Little Bit of Thunder by Douglas Fetherling
Angel and the Polar Bear by Marie-Louise Gay
Tamara by John Krizanc
Tony's Book by Hugh Hood
A Wild Old Man on the Road by Morley Callaghan
A Drean Like Mine by M. T. Kelly
Swann: A Mystery by Carol Shields
Beneath the Western Slopes by Patrick Roscoe
The Last Hunter by Fred Cederberg
Sweet Madness by Robert Lalonde and Dave Homel
A Model Lover by H. R. Percy
Looking at Insects by Barbara Hehner and David Suzuki
Various Miracles by Carol Shields
Mariposa Forever by Issac Bickerstaff and Terry Goldie
A Sound Like Laughter by David Helwig
Leacock: A Biography by Albert Moritz and Theresa Moritz
Too Many Blackbirds by Ken Ledbetter
The Scenic Art by Hugh Hood
Intertidal Life by Audrey Thomas
A Bolt of White Cloth by Leon Rooke
Cutting Through by Keith Maillard
Alibi by Robert Kroetsch
Racing Tides by Martin Kevan
It Is Always Summer by David Helwig
Advice to My Friends by Robert Kroetsch
Irving Layton, a Portrait by Elspeth Cameron
Shakespeare's Dog by Leon Rooke